Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Waldorfian

Shits Cool


Around The Way

Purple Leis

Life gives you set-backs
and I just have look at 'em as a set-up for something greater
and I can't really be, riding in a car headed full speed to no where
Time's not garunteed, so I aint got none to waste.
Waldorf is cool

mC's Magnificent Chaos

P.S. Right now I'm feeling purple.

Friday, May 16, 2008

mC vs MTV, Nigga!

Since my mic isn't picking up right now, I decided that I would blog. Then I thought about what I should blog about. THEN, I watched MTV's Hottest MC's in HipHop right now.
This was a listing of the Top 10 Hottest MC's in the game for about the last year and their list was as follows:
9) Andre 3000
8) Young Jeezy
7) Lupe Fiasco
6) 50 Cent
5) Snoop Dogg
4) Rick Ross
3) Lil' Wayne
2) Jay-Z
1) KanYe West

and, yes, yes we all agree/disagree, who cares.
I oddly enough, think that the list is mildly accurate, mildly. But some of these people don't even appear as a blip on my radar because quite frankly, I gives not ze fuck about them. ie: 50 cent (Post GRoDT), Snoop (even though his album is supposed to be a pretty cold dish, i've just not heard it) and Young Jeezy (even though even I have to admit he's getting a helluva lot better).
So Drumroll:
Here's my list of MY top 10 MCs as of RIGHT NOW:
(other than the top 3, i'll say no particular order)

#) Wale
#) Drake
#) Bun B
#) Phonte*
#) Re-Up Gang
#) Rick Ross (YEAH NIGGA!)
#) Black Thought (of The Roots)
#) Jay-Z
3) KanYe West
2) Blu
1) Lupe Fiasco

But Let me address some issues before you guys discuss:
1) hell yes, I am biased towards Lupe Fiasco
2) Wale's 'Mixtape About Nothing' is HEAVILY ANTICIPATED by myself
3) Look up Blu's music...RIGHT NOW
4) BunB is one of the most remarkably solid rappers out.
5) I ran through 'Graduation' the other day, if you can't feel that music you're numb to life, had he delievered more on some of these guest spots he'd be number 1 (even if the lyrics were 'ehhh' by purist standards)
Now look at some pics while you think about your list(s):

P4090032 copy-1
P4090030 copy-1

alright, So who are YOU guys' Favorite MC's putting out Music right now?


P.S. Shawty Lo- Dey Know**
Is Where its at because i could listen to that hook and do the broke-running-man-dance (which is actually called the Chedda Chasa) until my legs fall off.

*( Would've been Little Brother but Rapper Big Pooh got kicked out for that P.O.S. 'I Know What Girls Like' He called a song)

**(see: re-up gang version if you want some lyrics)

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Bracing for Impact!



Bop it

Is everybody ok?
Get me...

"And i'm just trynna hang around like breast tissue
until they proclaim 'the best is you...'
not because bullshit metaphors, but the best issues
Was voice and...
thats helps us though..."

Sunday, May 4, 2008

mC@WoRk Feat. DJ Jazzy Jeff

Ladies and Gentlemen I finally
Got my Microphone/Laptop/Cpu/Speakers set-up
There-fore my Mini-Studio
::pops bottles:: ::crowd cheers::
and better yet, the first track is completed!

mC@WoRk feat. DJ Jazzy Jeff

Feel Free to download it/ Listen to it here!:


and ALSO
feel free to shoot me some feedback
its been a minute
so Shoot me your thoughts
and...hopefully we'll be back here with more.
Thanks to everyone in Advance
and shouts to all my fam.