Sunday, May 2, 2010

Everything is Fake.

For every moment that I have where I feel like I need to rap and be heard
I have countless moments where I just do not give a fuck. I used to want to rap because of the life that they painted for rappers: Cars, Money, girls, not a care in the world, right? But as I grew in years I found that even a care-free life comes with a price, and comes with its own set of worries and stressors and in actuality isn't really all that 'care-free'
I look at my grandparents...
i'd say they live "the life"
happy in their quaint little yellow house
watching the family that they raised grow and spread out into the world.
not a need in the world, just basking in love.
to me that's real. that's a real life.
this rap shit is so fucking fake to me.
i'm not even a pinky toe into the game and all i feel from it is negativity.
I always thought i'd just put my heart into these songs
and people would possibly love them and i'd be able to spread that love.
to a point where that was my only goal.
but i people don't want reality,
instead it seems that ppl want to live in hell, while constantly being shown pictures of heaven, which to me seems like the dumbest shit in the world.
completely unaware that the people showing these 'pictures' are only concerned with manipulating your thoughts so that you become a machine.
a machine to give them power and money.
the life that's broadcast to us via our little TV screens is not life.
life is whats going on. life is living. life is in emotions, life is in people
its not in these pre-packaged boxes labeled 'life' that show up on our doorsteps.
(got way sidetracked)
fuck it i'm going to sleep.