Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kid Cudi (Light side)

...Kinda sorta expressed exactly the shit I be on.

Very few things phase me because I am | | | | |[{not}]| | | | | | on this planet.
Mentally I've come to exist on a plane that allows me to see all life as trivial and meaningless.
So to counteract this, I give my life meaning on a daily basis and strive to be strife free.


...but maybe I'm just pon de gangja
but since I'm not i'll just (p)resume that I be on that other sht.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Lonely Stoner.

I often find myself, solo in the rafters, examining people, words, actions. Its almost surreal, watching the real world. So, like a TV show I watch the plots play out, the twists, the turns, people smiling for the camera only to reveal their ugly side when they think no one is looking...right.
Or maybe your the big brave hero, and nobody sees the chinks in your armour?
Either way..the majority of what I see I don't like...
So I just keep to myself, my lack of words is rarely nothing to say...
Encapsuled in my own.
Who am I to judge.
who are you... free his mind at night.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pretty Girl...


...don't frown when you see me.

and of course that doesn't make any sense..but maybe those words might hold some relevance sooner or later.
This cut that i'm taking out of the vault pretty much came from my long nights waiting tables, my man YB knows EXACTLY what i'm talking about.
I tend to zone out and observe my surroundings (possibly due to my studies*) when i'm at work, because its almost weird, I think about how everyone who works here ended up here and things of that nature. Just on some "I'd hate to still be working this job if i was in my 30's " type of stuff.
So I took that basic feeling, and talked about it from a perspective of someone who's dropped out of college and is at said job, just feeling a little desperate. I feel like people can relate to something like that.
plus i mean niggas be rapping...all that
but anyways here it is:
complete with BSU theme'd Artwork;




Sunday, September 6, 2009

mC - TMA

This is a track I did around about the middle of summer, I had these 6th Sense beats and this one was always one of my favorites out of the bunch. So I decided to do some work to it.
The title of this track is a small play off of TMI (too much information), because music is therapy and in therapy you just express yourself...hence TMI. But, as any person who's tried to extract some truly critical 411 from me, can tell you... its coded.
So lines like " Don't Argue/Could've been that closet I hit or some lawsuits" refer to my old "Rihanna" and I couldve really been on some Chris Brown shit..but redirected and the outcome of that's just a scar on my hand. So there's really just a lot of little things like that, my insecurities, my drug habits, etc etc.
and the hook is just really self explanatory "these aint just rhymes/ see this is my art, so take some time..and take me apart".
In addition to that some...expirimentation with the mixing. etc etc.
I got like 3-4 other songs done on 6th Sense beats so I whenever I finish/mix those, and create some cover/backcover art i'll release a little mC x 6th Sense Project.
Enjoy!(click the pic):

Friday, September 4, 2009

Blog Entry.

I see a little bit of God in us,
such unbridled love;