Sunday, March 30, 2008

Toes In the Sand

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Off Top, No disrespect.

They torture you
(if) you get through it
you get to pay fees
you gain a couple of brothers/sisters who went through the same thing(s)
you get to step, wear a t-shirt, make a call when you see your 'family'
you get to pay dues
you get a story to talk about
you get to party
...and oh yeah, I guess you get a chance to do some community service as well.
Is there something I missed?

My Dad told me that some things aren't for some people and that sometimes things aren't for people to understand (usually after he'd beat me for something while I claimed innocence)...
But please let me know if there is something I missed.
Thank you.

_mC (Founder of MePhiMe; A brotherhood based on making ME happy :-) )

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Friday, March 28, 2008

My Friend Tracy

My friend Tracy and I had this much needed conversation about respect(see: respect in relationships; previous blog). I told her about this experience that I'd had with one of my closest high school friends, and how I had to have respect for his priorities. He joined a fraternity, and although it caused tension in our relationship, and our relationship isn't the same to this day, I had to have respect for his aspirations. To a certain extent that just meant stop bitching about our friendship not being what it used to be. But this wasn't a very big deal. I just had to come to terms with the fact that I existed as a part of his 'old' family, and his 'new' family was top priority now.

But a lot of times I feel like those things are lost, sometimes you just have to honestly respect someones wishes, because its just selfishness that drives you to stop a person from doing what they aspire to do, in order to exist with you. Of course any type of relationship needs a certain level of balance, thats something to keep in mind as well. But recognition of someones priorities is a vital part of that. But on the other end there's sacrifice, but thats another blog all together.
So the words of the day are, respect for peoples priorities.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Relationships get Ill

Now, anybody who knows me, know thats I know something about relationships. That something, is that I know NOTHING at all. But on a much broader scale of things I do find that I know a lot. Relationships are based off of respect, balance, compromise, and last but not least communication. I feel like these are the most vital parts for any functioning relationship to remain...well..functioning.
And as much as I would love to go and on about love, the relationships I'm referring to need no such thing.
I don't mean like all the boo-lovery kissy faced boyfriend/girlfriend relationships (if you haven't guessed by now) I mean friendships.
::As this 9th Wonder beat chimes in the background...::
I started to think about what relationships are important to me, or better yet, which ones are the most fulfilling and I saw what the ones that weren't were missing.
But i'mma keep it light
This one aint too heavy...
Communication, balance, respect and compromise are the words of the day.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

They say somethings changed about you...

They say somethings different about you...
and i reply..."It took you that long to notice?"

Taking 'life' inventory like I like to do at certain times, I've realized something. At one point, I'd become just like these girls that I used to make the stink face at for thinking that they were better than everyone because of the brand name that they were wearing. Back in those days it was (more often then not, fake) Burberry, Coach, Gucci, and Prada (did they wear Prada back then?). So While they would prance around like they were the cats meow, I'd think 'how foolish to spend hundreds on a name', and simply keep it moving.

Then at one point during my 18-19 years, I thought it was cool (/Baba Says) to...emulate those attitudes exactly. Being different made me feel good, but being different came with a cost, and now in retrospect, it wasn't being different at was just being ahead of the curve. Although, I do have a certain love for the shoe (skate, streetwear, whatever you want to call it) culture, and the art and fashion, on a certain level...its just lead to materialism.


I looked at the floor of my closet this morning, and felt a certain emptiness that, I assume, often comes with amassing material possessions. Partially because I have ANOTHER pile thats about 1/3rd as big as that sitting at home, and thats not counting the shoes on my feet...or the shoes in the shoe rack to the right of the picture. See the problem yet??

Because of this new insight, I felt like I needed to get rid of everything, purge these things from my life. Yet the people I surrounded my life with had this exact interest. So while they'd blab on about what pair of shoes was coming out, or how much this costs... I only thought about how materialistic people had become. No longer defined by their actions, but by the brand names metaphorically tattooed across their chest, or more fittingly stitched into their soles.

And I became very annoyed simply at the mention of said items. This was a while ago... might explain some trouble a couple of weeks ago, but I'm deviating from the point. *AHEM*

Materialism, no matter how well its hidden, is materialism. So as of now (really a while ago), I'm trying to fill my life with real happiness, happiness that is acquired by accomplishing things, because thats stronger than the short term happiness thats comes with purchasing items.

And with blog is back in buisness.