Wednesday, October 31, 2007

eMCee Goes to the MOVIES!

So I went to see SawIV

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Face After seeing SawIV

Being a movie critic in my former life...I must say some words on what I expected to be a thrill. But ended up being THOROUGHLY disappointing.
Ok, I wont babble on too's the short version
*that i typed into my phone after viewing the movie(s)*

"SawIV? Sorry I saw Saw 3 times already..."

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"...Why did i get married on the other hand...meh...maybe it might be an amazing movie. It is all about the feeling remember (reference to last post)?...maybe not so much the dismemberment.
Proving that once and for-all too much of a good thing actually a bad thing. I NEVER WANTto O SEE another SAW movie EVER!

While Jill on the other hand...I does feel damn good.

Monday, October 29, 2007


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MIKEnific3NT: boaf
MIKEnific3NT: i had en epiphany today
h00die07: ?
MIKEnific3NT: good music doesnt exist
h00die07: lmao
h00die07: honestly
h00die07: thats true
h00die07: 95% of the time
h00die07: but there is good music out there
MIKEnific3NT: no no no
h00die07: its just really rare
MIKEnific3NT: i mean...
MIKEnific3NT: good music in the sense of
MIKEnific3NT: what constitutes good music
h00die07: you forget that i'm stupid
h00die07: so you're going to have to explain
MIKEnific3NT: you know how people go to war because they have different viewpoints
MIKEnific3NT: (and your not stupid which is why i'm talking to you about it)
MIKEnific3NT: good depends on your perception
MIKEnific3NT: and there are an infinite amount of different perceptions...
MIKEnific3NT: what give ssomething a redeeming quality to one person might not really hold true for the next person
MIKEnific3NT: what qualifies as intellectual to some people won't hold true to other people
MIKEnific3NT: of my teachers said that our language plays a large role in the way that we think
MIKEnific3NT: ie....inuits...have many different words for different types of snow
MIKEnific3NT: but...we just say snow
MIKEnific3NT: us snow is snow
MIKEnific3NT: you know
MIKEnific3NT: and i'm tired of elitist attitudes
h00die07: about music?
MIKEnific3NT: mhmm
MIKEnific3NT: surpisingly enough..considering the people that i hang out with and the things that i do
h00die07: yea
h00die07: i'm also surprised
MIKEnific3NT: but...i guess its been a while coming...because...
MIKEnific3NT: for a while now...i've been saying
MIKEnific3NT: i dont mind the music as much as i mind a lack of variety
h00die07: i see
h00die07: and how is this affecting your style?
MIKEnific3NT: i dunno...i'm personally starting to fall into music as a feeling
MIKEnific3NT: more-so than music as a message
MIKEnific3NT: obviously theres still going to be..ya know...a certain amount of content
MIKEnific3NT: but at the erykah show
MIKEnific3NT: i felt it
MIKEnific3NT: you know
h00die07: thats how i usually view music
h00die07: its kind of the appeal of music without so many words
h00die07: ie. every genre outside of hiphop
h00die07: but yea
h00die07: i understand
MIKEnific3NT: so with that in mind...i feel like how could you ever dictate to someone what is 'good' music
h00die07: you can
h00die07: but you'd be wrong
h00die07: lol
MIKEnific3NT: and...i thought about this..because...everytime i listen to little brothers CD...right afterwards i put in Graduation..and supposedly little brothers CD is sooo much better
h00die07: supposedly?
MIKEnific3NT: but...kanyes CD gives me that feeling
MIKEnific3NT: supposedly in terms of...all my hip hop head people be on lb's penis
h00die07: ok
h00die07: now i see what you're saying
h00die07: and i completely understand
h00die07: like i completely understand
h00die07: like i used to think to myslef
h00die07: that {some people} view music more like a math problem
h00die07: and i viewed it more like a book
h00die07: lol
MIKEnific3NT: please explain
h00die07: because when we would talk about music
h00die07: they would have logical and systematic reasoning for their thoughts about the quality of it
h00die07: but i would be like
h00die07: ....i just like the way the drum sounds at the end of it
h00die07: lol
h00die07: at the end of the day
MIKEnific3NT: lol
MIKEnific3NT: LOL!
MIKEnific3NT: indeed
MIKEnific3NT: in fact
MIKEnific3NT: thats my point exactly
h00die07: lol
h00die07: yea
h00die07: i mean in terms of arguing
h00die07: it gives them more ammo
h00die07: but i know what i like
h00die07: even if i cant explain why
h00die07: so systematically
MIKEnific3NT: yeah
h00die07: yea
MIKEnific3NT: sike nah...
MIKEnific3NT: but...i mean...i'm sitting here...having this conversation with someone about boosie
MIKEnific3NT: and agreeing with everything that they say
MIKEnific3NT: as much as they agree with everything that i say when i talk about
MIKEnific3NT: ect etc etc
MIKEnific3NT: and its like
MIKEnific3NT: you know...people really...want to shake their asses and have fun
MIKEnific3NT: so who am i to say
MIKEnific3NT: because that music isn't going to intellectualyl stimulate me
MIKEnific3NT: that that isn't good music
MIKEnific3NT: its effective in its aim
h00die07: lol
h00die07: i've always loved stupid music
h00die07: i just dont like the other people who listen to stupid music
h00die07: and the videos that come with stupid music
h00die07: and how the radio abuses stupid music
MIKEnific3NT: and thats completely ok...and ties into what i was saying about..ya know the variety
h00die07: yea
h00die07: i know what you mean
h00die07: honestly
h00die07: like i hate having to think when i'm listening to music
h00die07: so if you're rhyming about something meaningful but its like you're rapping out a book
h00die07: i'm gonna go play something else
h00die07: but yea
h00die07: thats not what you're talking about
h00die07: but i understand what you mean completely
MIKEnific3NT: just made another point
MIKEnific3NT: its about the feeling as well
h00die07: yea
h00die07: indeed
MIKEnific3NT: you can say the deepest most...powerful shit in the world
MIKEnific3NT: but... you know
MIKEnific3NT: if someone says COUNT to 3! in a way thats going to captivate peoploe
MIKEnific3NT: who REALLY did more?
h00die07: lol
MIKEnific3NT: you don't mind if i put this conversation in my blog do you?
h00die07: nope
h00die07: go ahead
h00die07: lol
h00die07: this kind of reminds me of an analysis i made after the jena six wear black day
h00die07: that
h00die07: the souldja boy can unite more black people to dance
h00die07: than the jena six could get black people to wear black
h00die07: yea
MIKEnific3NT: yea
h00die07: but thats another disappointing conversation
MIKEnific3NT: indeed
MIKEnific3NT: in an ideal world...that wouldnt be true
MIKEnific3NT: but...
MIKEnific3NT: thats just the way these things can go
h00die07: very disappointing
h00die07: but not surprising
MIKEnific3NT: i'm glad to have had this conversation with you
MIKEnific3NT: cause i didn't know HOW i was going to put it into words
MIKEnific3NT: that people wouldnt explode when they read
h00die07: lol
h00die07: you would have
h00die07: you always do
MIKEnific3NT: i mean i find a way...but i think that this...was good
h00die07: lol
h00die07: whatever
MIKEnific3NT: and now i'm going to work on my presentation due in approx. 20 minutes lol
h00die07: lol
h00die07: i have to translate cicero
h00die07: so i'll ttyl
MIKEnific3NT: peeaace

11:09:37 am -11:41:48am

Sunday, October 28, 2007

She Lives in my Lap.

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"(In advance...this is going to be a post that people may look at me and be like...he ACTUALLY told the truth to a stupid amount. To that my only reply is... that omitting the truth has successfully made me look stupid. So I'll just do the dirty work and save people the trouble of the puzzle and wasted time.)"

"I'm trynna put my finger on it
though I know i shouldn't linger on it
See its strange when the truth come out,
people feel like holes in the drain trying to leak it out
unknown if they care or just want shit to speak about
cause if i'm hurtin then i'm often met with
well, this method...m-fuckers telling me to accept it
yet if i'm wrong, misguided and misdirected
seems like they are at my throat like a necklace
And i'm trynna find where the balance at
looking back, past friendships man it shouldn't surprise me
critics don't help me grow, they just criticize me
Saying "if i was in your position then i'd probably..."
well nigga you aint so...
take ya two peso's
and feel free to sit in that corner idly
cause oddly, i made it this far without help
and i aint saying a diss, or doubting that ya'll help...
but if it take hell for a nigga to melt
a be true, then nobody gonna feel that burn but myself.
So they tell me I'm hard-headed
I accepted it
So why they keep telling me?

'Fuck what niggas say, only God can Judge me'

_The eMCee

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Love forgot the part of the story...called The End.

(In advance...this is going to be a post that people may look at me and be like...he ACTUALLY told the truth to a stupid amount. To that my only reply is... that omitting the truth has successfully made me look stupid. So I'll just do the dirty work and save people the trouble of the puzzle and wasted time.)

Dedicated to a laughter in my heart that died... yet her memory lives on, through those who I will love in the future, through those friends, crushes...and distant dreams that I must pass on in my journey. I once dedicated it to the people who fall in love everyday, but love hurts, I don't want to dedicate it to pain, although it can be sweet.
Love has left a scar on my soul. I tried to cover it with you... Hoping that your presence would bring me back to the bliss that was once love-ish. But when I began to peak off of that ledge, to find what love would bring me, at the bottom of that cliff I saw a scar.
Dedicated to a laughter in my heart that died... yet her memory lives on.
I love you. All of you... and it hurts.

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Theme's of the night-
Bag Lady
Next Lifetime

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(Photograph. Antoine Lyers)
Apologies...for more than you will ever know.
Thought you took on a man finding his way? actually took on a boy lost in the search...

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I actually...cried...tonight...a lot...
for things that I cannot mention.
Happy Birthday Mr. Claiborne.
You are indeed no further along than you were forever ago.
"The man who knows something/
knows that he knows nothing at all..."
moving on.

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(Photograph.Antoine Lyers)

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"If i said that I was fond of battle...
would it stop the war?"

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...Too much?
But I still tried to eat it.
now my stomach is pretty upset.

Hello 19.
_The eMCee

P.S. I want to vomit (read: purge)...but its not that instead I just spit up rhymes chronicling how it unfolds.
Who said life was made for living?
Why keep me around?


People experience music in different ways. I had a spiritual experience today. Some people feel the music physically. Some emotionally, and some...well they feel it spiritually. But what a personal experience it is. It feels good.
And...I'm sorry.
That you may feel like I don't appreciate you.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

And This is What I Call Life.

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Mischief.Shenanigans. Tomfoolery.Myself.

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Tunes. (Photograph by Duncan Wintermyer)

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Back to my eMCee Status.

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Get Back!

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Where Thoughts are Thinked.

Thoughts such as....
(written throughout the past 2 weeks)

"Thinkin' I may still be....
bitter from the bit of time
that i was forced to grieve/
cause my respect made you feel like you was forced to leave/
and now I look at what we are supposed to be.../
but if thats the first impression, what i'm supposed to see?
every disagreement, is it 'gon be over?
cause i seen it/
And i know things rarely change/
every time we aint on the same wave length the sounds
reverberate and strain my brain/
so maybe i should start packing my things/
cause your personality got bite and I can handle the fangs./
but it gets to me
which is why I/
Stray away from the truth tho' I should face it wide eyed.../
yeah, the best things in life are free/
so why is this happiness costing me so much sanity?/


and I'm caught up in another/
So who else I choose to holla at but my brother?/
like really i'm in season/
cause I got a union, *********************** committin' treason/
analyzing what makes me stick like trees and/
never wanna blow away from my roots like leaves and/
In any other case he'd give me wisdom and words/
but its difficult cause he's feeling one of the girls.../
so I ought not say how its hard/
like a nigga working 2, tellin' his boy, 'its hard to get a job' "


"The eMCee, tested as often as a student/
told cupid i was through with,
Love and then you threw it/
thinking who knew it? I'd fall into this peril/
just as soon as i decided to start fighting these arrows..../ "


Girl heavy?...Life?


They say music is the language of the soul
a message encoded in beats and breaks
rhythms and melodies
and your mixture has managed to
heighten my sense
yet lower my defenses
-hip-hop ya'll and we don't stop-

-The DJ The eMCee...and we don't stop-
and just when the blend becomes
heavier than the bass on my heartbeat
you smooth it out
the Amy it may be, singing out to me
but I've never quite heard her like this
Questioning why friends desire you to scratch their records
when you... know so well what...
you are doing with mine
melting my mind and design
meshing your lifes soundtrack, with my dreams playlist
or becoming my dreams DJ
to the point where feelings surpass the physical
and I am touches as easily as the play button
-Scratch that....Bring it back....-
the play button is touched as easily as I am
physically surpassing the feeling
DJ-ing my dreams
so here I
stand and observe
-listening trying to guess the next-

-complex rhythm to direct my steps-

-we, catch eyes and link and sync-

-so you don't need words to tell me what you think-
Think, a coffee and a kreme
oh, my dance partner?
nevermind her,
for she can move with the rhythms
but she can't dictate the beats
and you've managed to make these familiar sounds
So you... (you...
Unique, Sweet
and other words, I need not say
cause the beat (beat... beat... beat...)
is directed by you...
'Where the lonely people go
when the party is over'
I am unaware
but how we feel when we are there...
you tell me
for you seem to be my souls DJ

"My Souls DJ"

Thursday, October 18, 2007


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When Life Loses Focus.

....I don't. Trust Me.

_The eMCee

*edit* Happy Birthday SAMANTHA!

Sunday, October 14, 2007


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"I bend the bars around my conscious mind"

Lately I have been purging certain sorts of things from my presence. Feeling that there is more to life than what we use to adorn ourselves. So pardon me if I fail to care. I started this post with the thought of venting about how I can definately do without x, y, and z. But instead I chose to 'speak' on my ideas. For the past couple of days, it has been me and my ideas.
Contrary to popular opinion that it has been me and my muse.

But nobody REALLY nobody REALLY reads this...(which is partly the reason for my withdrawal...)
I do however, find joy in explaining myself. Even if it is only to myself.

_The eMCee

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


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When you give things away too freely they begin to depreciate (read: fail to be appreciated ). Company included.
Locked. Open only in case of emergency.

_The eMCee

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Shades of Gray.

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The World Looks...

And when it does we don't need a hand, an ear, or a person to care. We just need time.


"tossing this heart muscle
got me tossing back shots, troubled
yeah, feel like I'm too old to deal with this sh*t
but pussy just turns me into litter, homie, lets be realistic
tricked by the mac make-up and smeared lip-stick
transfixed on the thickness in her thighs, on her hips
and the intellect that slips from her lips?..Hello Miss...
my boys say i shouldn't mess with these types for kicks
but when I give it more, it often ends up something like this..."
_The eMCee

Friday, October 5, 2007

Real Music.

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Dope Girls Like Dope Music.

I never REALLY understood acclaims benefit//
'Till i tried to get 'em to listen to MY music.//
_The eMCee

I am working tho'....

But I messed up this take..because mike made me laugh cause he was getting his ass kicked in videogame....
And i never knew my face was so intense when I rhymed.
Bare bones recording set-up
but dammit im trynna make it happen! ha.

I'll probably end up re-writing that one...and hopefully itll be in the next post sitting around waiting for someone to download it...
hmm...well see

I'm out...take it easy ya'll. Pz

_The eMCee.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Getback...Little Brother

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"Chances are I Raise the Bar/
Never first at the finish but here I are"- Rapper Big Pooh

I can't wait for Little Brother's 3rd (feel free to correct me) studio album.
but...back to The eMCee's Post.

What is Trust?

_The eMCee