Monday, October 29, 2007


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MIKEnific3NT: boaf
MIKEnific3NT: i had en epiphany today
h00die07: ?
MIKEnific3NT: good music doesnt exist
h00die07: lmao
h00die07: honestly
h00die07: thats true
h00die07: 95% of the time
h00die07: but there is good music out there
MIKEnific3NT: no no no
h00die07: its just really rare
MIKEnific3NT: i mean...
MIKEnific3NT: good music in the sense of
MIKEnific3NT: what constitutes good music
h00die07: you forget that i'm stupid
h00die07: so you're going to have to explain
MIKEnific3NT: you know how people go to war because they have different viewpoints
MIKEnific3NT: (and your not stupid which is why i'm talking to you about it)
MIKEnific3NT: good depends on your perception
MIKEnific3NT: and there are an infinite amount of different perceptions...
MIKEnific3NT: what give ssomething a redeeming quality to one person might not really hold true for the next person
MIKEnific3NT: what qualifies as intellectual to some people won't hold true to other people
MIKEnific3NT: of my teachers said that our language plays a large role in the way that we think
MIKEnific3NT: ie....inuits...have many different words for different types of snow
MIKEnific3NT: but...we just say snow
MIKEnific3NT: us snow is snow
MIKEnific3NT: you know
MIKEnific3NT: and i'm tired of elitist attitudes
h00die07: about music?
MIKEnific3NT: mhmm
MIKEnific3NT: surpisingly enough..considering the people that i hang out with and the things that i do
h00die07: yea
h00die07: i'm also surprised
MIKEnific3NT: but...i guess its been a while coming...because...
MIKEnific3NT: for a while now...i've been saying
MIKEnific3NT: i dont mind the music as much as i mind a lack of variety
h00die07: i see
h00die07: and how is this affecting your style?
MIKEnific3NT: i dunno...i'm personally starting to fall into music as a feeling
MIKEnific3NT: more-so than music as a message
MIKEnific3NT: obviously theres still going to be..ya know...a certain amount of content
MIKEnific3NT: but at the erykah show
MIKEnific3NT: i felt it
MIKEnific3NT: you know
h00die07: thats how i usually view music
h00die07: its kind of the appeal of music without so many words
h00die07: ie. every genre outside of hiphop
h00die07: but yea
h00die07: i understand
MIKEnific3NT: so with that in mind...i feel like how could you ever dictate to someone what is 'good' music
h00die07: you can
h00die07: but you'd be wrong
h00die07: lol
MIKEnific3NT: and...i thought about this..because...everytime i listen to little brothers CD...right afterwards i put in Graduation..and supposedly little brothers CD is sooo much better
h00die07: supposedly?
MIKEnific3NT: but...kanyes CD gives me that feeling
MIKEnific3NT: supposedly in terms of...all my hip hop head people be on lb's penis
h00die07: ok
h00die07: now i see what you're saying
h00die07: and i completely understand
h00die07: like i completely understand
h00die07: like i used to think to myslef
h00die07: that {some people} view music more like a math problem
h00die07: and i viewed it more like a book
h00die07: lol
MIKEnific3NT: please explain
h00die07: because when we would talk about music
h00die07: they would have logical and systematic reasoning for their thoughts about the quality of it
h00die07: but i would be like
h00die07: ....i just like the way the drum sounds at the end of it
h00die07: lol
h00die07: at the end of the day
MIKEnific3NT: lol
MIKEnific3NT: LOL!
MIKEnific3NT: indeed
MIKEnific3NT: in fact
MIKEnific3NT: thats my point exactly
h00die07: lol
h00die07: yea
h00die07: i mean in terms of arguing
h00die07: it gives them more ammo
h00die07: but i know what i like
h00die07: even if i cant explain why
h00die07: so systematically
MIKEnific3NT: yeah
h00die07: yea
MIKEnific3NT: sike nah...
MIKEnific3NT: but...i mean...i'm sitting here...having this conversation with someone about boosie
MIKEnific3NT: and agreeing with everything that they say
MIKEnific3NT: as much as they agree with everything that i say when i talk about
MIKEnific3NT: ect etc etc
MIKEnific3NT: and its like
MIKEnific3NT: you know...people really...want to shake their asses and have fun
MIKEnific3NT: so who am i to say
MIKEnific3NT: because that music isn't going to intellectualyl stimulate me
MIKEnific3NT: that that isn't good music
MIKEnific3NT: its effective in its aim
h00die07: lol
h00die07: i've always loved stupid music
h00die07: i just dont like the other people who listen to stupid music
h00die07: and the videos that come with stupid music
h00die07: and how the radio abuses stupid music
MIKEnific3NT: and thats completely ok...and ties into what i was saying about..ya know the variety
h00die07: yea
h00die07: i know what you mean
h00die07: honestly
h00die07: like i hate having to think when i'm listening to music
h00die07: so if you're rhyming about something meaningful but its like you're rapping out a book
h00die07: i'm gonna go play something else
h00die07: but yea
h00die07: thats not what you're talking about
h00die07: but i understand what you mean completely
MIKEnific3NT: just made another point
MIKEnific3NT: its about the feeling as well
h00die07: yea
h00die07: indeed
MIKEnific3NT: you can say the deepest most...powerful shit in the world
MIKEnific3NT: but... you know
MIKEnific3NT: if someone says COUNT to 3! in a way thats going to captivate peoploe
MIKEnific3NT: who REALLY did more?
h00die07: lol
MIKEnific3NT: you don't mind if i put this conversation in my blog do you?
h00die07: nope
h00die07: go ahead
h00die07: lol
h00die07: this kind of reminds me of an analysis i made after the jena six wear black day
h00die07: that
h00die07: the souldja boy can unite more black people to dance
h00die07: than the jena six could get black people to wear black
h00die07: yea
MIKEnific3NT: yea
h00die07: but thats another disappointing conversation
MIKEnific3NT: indeed
MIKEnific3NT: in an ideal world...that wouldnt be true
MIKEnific3NT: but...
MIKEnific3NT: thats just the way these things can go
h00die07: very disappointing
h00die07: but not surprising
MIKEnific3NT: i'm glad to have had this conversation with you
MIKEnific3NT: cause i didn't know HOW i was going to put it into words
MIKEnific3NT: that people wouldnt explode when they read
h00die07: lol
h00die07: you would have
h00die07: you always do
MIKEnific3NT: i mean i find a way...but i think that this...was good
h00die07: lol
h00die07: whatever
MIKEnific3NT: and now i'm going to work on my presentation due in approx. 20 minutes lol
h00die07: lol
h00die07: i have to translate cicero
h00die07: so i'll ttyl
MIKEnific3NT: peeaace

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