Sunday, October 28, 2007

She Lives in my Lap.

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"(In advance...this is going to be a post that people may look at me and be like...he ACTUALLY told the truth to a stupid amount. To that my only reply is... that omitting the truth has successfully made me look stupid. So I'll just do the dirty work and save people the trouble of the puzzle and wasted time.)"

"I'm trynna put my finger on it
though I know i shouldn't linger on it
See its strange when the truth come out,
people feel like holes in the drain trying to leak it out
unknown if they care or just want shit to speak about
cause if i'm hurtin then i'm often met with
well, this method...m-fuckers telling me to accept it
yet if i'm wrong, misguided and misdirected
seems like they are at my throat like a necklace
And i'm trynna find where the balance at
looking back, past friendships man it shouldn't surprise me
critics don't help me grow, they just criticize me
Saying "if i was in your position then i'd probably..."
well nigga you aint so...
take ya two peso's
and feel free to sit in that corner idly
cause oddly, i made it this far without help
and i aint saying a diss, or doubting that ya'll help...
but if it take hell for a nigga to melt
a be true, then nobody gonna feel that burn but myself.
So they tell me I'm hard-headed
I accepted it
So why they keep telling me?

'Fuck what niggas say, only God can Judge me'

_The eMCee

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