Wednesday, October 24, 2007

And This is What I Call Life.

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Mischief.Shenanigans. Tomfoolery.Myself.

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Tunes. (Photograph by Duncan Wintermyer)

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Back to my eMCee Status.

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Get Back!

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Where Thoughts are Thinked.

Thoughts such as....
(written throughout the past 2 weeks)

"Thinkin' I may still be....
bitter from the bit of time
that i was forced to grieve/
cause my respect made you feel like you was forced to leave/
and now I look at what we are supposed to be.../
but if thats the first impression, what i'm supposed to see?
every disagreement, is it 'gon be over?
cause i seen it/
And i know things rarely change/
every time we aint on the same wave length the sounds
reverberate and strain my brain/
so maybe i should start packing my things/
cause your personality got bite and I can handle the fangs./
but it gets to me
which is why I/
Stray away from the truth tho' I should face it wide eyed.../
yeah, the best things in life are free/
so why is this happiness costing me so much sanity?/


and I'm caught up in another/
So who else I choose to holla at but my brother?/
like really i'm in season/
cause I got a union, *********************** committin' treason/
analyzing what makes me stick like trees and/
never wanna blow away from my roots like leaves and/
In any other case he'd give me wisdom and words/
but its difficult cause he's feeling one of the girls.../
so I ought not say how its hard/
like a nigga working 2, tellin' his boy, 'its hard to get a job' "


"The eMCee, tested as often as a student/
told cupid i was through with,
Love and then you threw it/
thinking who knew it? I'd fall into this peril/
just as soon as i decided to start fighting these arrows..../ "


Girl heavy?...Life?


They say music is the language of the soul
a message encoded in beats and breaks
rhythms and melodies
and your mixture has managed to
heighten my sense
yet lower my defenses
-hip-hop ya'll and we don't stop-

-The DJ The eMCee...and we don't stop-
and just when the blend becomes
heavier than the bass on my heartbeat
you smooth it out
the Amy it may be, singing out to me
but I've never quite heard her like this
Questioning why friends desire you to scratch their records
when you... know so well what...
you are doing with mine
melting my mind and design
meshing your lifes soundtrack, with my dreams playlist
or becoming my dreams DJ
to the point where feelings surpass the physical
and I am touches as easily as the play button
-Scratch that....Bring it back....-
the play button is touched as easily as I am
physically surpassing the feeling
DJ-ing my dreams
so here I
stand and observe
-listening trying to guess the next-

-complex rhythm to direct my steps-

-we, catch eyes and link and sync-

-so you don't need words to tell me what you think-
Think, a coffee and a kreme
oh, my dance partner?
nevermind her,
for she can move with the rhythms
but she can't dictate the beats
and you've managed to make these familiar sounds
So you... (you...
Unique, Sweet
and other words, I need not say
cause the beat (beat... beat... beat...)
is directed by you...
'Where the lonely people go
when the party is over'
I am unaware
but how we feel when we are there...
you tell me
for you seem to be my souls DJ

"My Souls DJ"

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