Thursday, October 22, 2009

Track-by-Track #2 - mC@Work / MD

With Love, from mC
With love(frontCover)
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mC@Work(Prod. DJ Jazzy Jeff)-
This song is the oldest song on the project, recorded in cool edit pro at my house(Waldorf) in my computer room one day. I heard the beat and it really reminded me of older hip-hop scenes with an emcee and a DJ rocking the stage. From there, I just wrote a rap. I feel like as a 'rapper' you have to just have the ability to rap (read: go on and on with clever metaphors, and flows), period. So this wasn't one of those super deep, complex,emotional or overly thought-out records. My aim was just to RAP. I always think my lines go over ppls heads, true or not ::Shruggs:: but heres some of my favs from the track:

"the measure of a man, yes sir, the liter/leader is back"

"... ok, i murder beats just to put it plainly, no Mook
hit it, get ghost but no spooks,
flows proof, liquor imitation but no spoof"

"hot like texas pete, you'll get a tan standing next to me
you'll get a brand standing next to me
no louie V, can ask the greeks".

In addition to that, I felt the sincere need to throw in some Fresh Prince of Bel-Air references just because it was a DJ Jazzy Jeff produced track. The hook/bridge/chorus was really supposed to be my idea of just rocking out on stage, and giving the DJ some time to do his thing... added a little 'back and forth' to give the feeling of an interaction between emcee and DJ;...
and there you have it; mC@Work.

This is one of those jams where it got written, and put into the stash and sat on. The instrumental is from a MURS song about his hometown of LA, so I decided to flip it in a similar fashion, starting off with what happened to be happening a lot at the time"

"Ridin' shotgun in the whip/
lighting up a spliff/
celly lighting up my hip..."

and to be honest, this was probably going to remain in the stash until I got to writing the hook, usually these are honestly the most painstaking part of writing for me, but this one really came with ease, and after it was recorded, I pretty much fell in love with it.
Ant asked me why I static-ed out certain words in the verse,
but around that part of the verse i'm talking about.. like future fashions..and then I go on to say how "I won't spill" due to jocking-ass biting-ass niggas.
but...this (like mC@Work) honestly really isn't that deep, just a shoutout to my home state of Maryland.
the second verse went more into specifics of the state, but it never got fully completed, so I just cut it after the hook and exported from Pro-Tools.
and there ya have it; MD.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The scars on my brain.
the brand(s) on my memory.
the damages to my trust.
the lies in my ears.
the misuse.
the pitfalls.
the losses.
the lack of understanding.
and the constant reminder of it all.
i'm not gon' cry.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Track-by-Track#1: Cover /Amzing ft. Mouse & Supreme (Prod. KanYe West)

With Love, from mC
With love(frontCover)
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In my own mind I'm always on some artsy fartsy shit and I pick different symbols, colors, items, etc; to express my innermost thoughts/emotions. With the cover of this project I really wanted the giving motion to be understood ((c)title) and after a couple of maybe's, I found this image and thought it captured the feeling exactly. I loved the tape because before mp3's, iPods, CDs and CD players there was a Walkman..which played these awesome little tapes. And around this era was when I found myself starting to REALLY enjoy music. So in that way it symbolizes a start of things.
The color was originally minus the reddish-tint on the tape, but as time went on, the entire time frame during which I made these songs started to have a different personal meaning because of relationships with people changing and other happenings in my life.


The significance with red is that, I associate that time period with a major romance in my life, which ended. But even more-so a car accident, which I suffer these graphic flashbacks from, and in these flashbacks I just see red everywhere. So in what mimics a coping strategy, I released these 'old' order to 'release' my mindstate from those times and stresses.

Amzing ft. Mouse aka the Waldorf Poster Boy & Supreme

My verse on this song was meant to represent something of a come-up, but not in the traditional sense. Instead of coming into any type of fame or fortune, its really just coming into a favorable light period and as a person who hasn't always had the best self-esteem its a little triumphant, but without losing the feeling of past, more bleak realities.

"Dimes tend to get drunk and tell me they like my swag/
and if that was you, you'd probably say that trying to brag/
but me? ...that just balances out the bad, luck I had/
with scaliwags all in my past/ but i'm past all the bitterness"

To me lines like that illustrate, basically that I wasn't always the hot shit on the block, so from that... to this.
and then the line at the end:

"plus i'm, oh so, honest when revealing it/
(w)rappers just good at concealing it...amazing

is just supposed to be off of some 'I'm not a rapper... i'm a emcee/mC" type shit.

So I hope that gives everyone a little insight.
next: Track-by-Track #2 mC@work / MD


Sunday, October 18, 2009

With Love...


But here's a little project I put together during my previous semester.
These tracks are a little rough/unmixed/incomplete
but they were all made in love.
Over the next 2 or so weeks i'll give some commentary on each of the tracks
With Love... from mC (The Red Tape)
With love(frontCover)

With Love from mC (backcover2)

Dedicated to everyone who ever loved, music, another or life...


P.S. Somethings you never learn! ::smacks face::

Monday, October 12, 2009

Complicated like.

shits complicated like a young man being left heartbroken
only to realize that he'd become just like those who he'd left the same way in the past
expecting a straight answer but my mind works in circles so i can't really seem to give it to you like that
All those things you never said while I cared to hear them, falling like rain upon my deaf ears...until they started to flood my thoughts
keeping it to yourself, only to (we)blog and hope everyone finds out how you feel.
How i'm intentionally not a good friend..cause they wasn't 'good' friends...but instead of making myself or things better, it only makes everything worse(r)
How I need space..and someone offering a helping hand
I wish I could disappear...and be everywhere


Monday, October 5, 2009

Enjoy the beat while it lasts,
I thought to myself as I watched the plunge.
My heart had bid its farewell to the rest of my being
choosing death over this life.
Using what strength I had left, he cut himself out.
my wounded sternum a diving board
the concrete beneath my feet an Olympic sized swimming pool.
stretched his arms out over his head readying diving position.
a little writhing in pain,
but he had endured so much that this final bit was relief