Monday, October 19, 2009

Track-by-Track#1: Cover /Amzing ft. Mouse & Supreme (Prod. KanYe West)

With Love, from mC
With love(frontCover)
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In my own mind I'm always on some artsy fartsy shit and I pick different symbols, colors, items, etc; to express my innermost thoughts/emotions. With the cover of this project I really wanted the giving motion to be understood ((c)title) and after a couple of maybe's, I found this image and thought it captured the feeling exactly. I loved the tape because before mp3's, iPods, CDs and CD players there was a Walkman..which played these awesome little tapes. And around this era was when I found myself starting to REALLY enjoy music. So in that way it symbolizes a start of things.
The color was originally minus the reddish-tint on the tape, but as time went on, the entire time frame during which I made these songs started to have a different personal meaning because of relationships with people changing and other happenings in my life.


The significance with red is that, I associate that time period with a major romance in my life, which ended. But even more-so a car accident, which I suffer these graphic flashbacks from, and in these flashbacks I just see red everywhere. So in what mimics a coping strategy, I released these 'old' order to 'release' my mindstate from those times and stresses.

Amzing ft. Mouse aka the Waldorf Poster Boy & Supreme

My verse on this song was meant to represent something of a come-up, but not in the traditional sense. Instead of coming into any type of fame or fortune, its really just coming into a favorable light period and as a person who hasn't always had the best self-esteem its a little triumphant, but without losing the feeling of past, more bleak realities.

"Dimes tend to get drunk and tell me they like my swag/
and if that was you, you'd probably say that trying to brag/
but me? ...that just balances out the bad, luck I had/
with scaliwags all in my past/ but i'm past all the bitterness"

To me lines like that illustrate, basically that I wasn't always the hot shit on the block, so from that... to this.
and then the line at the end:

"plus i'm, oh so, honest when revealing it/
(w)rappers just good at concealing it...amazing

is just supposed to be off of some 'I'm not a rapper... i'm a emcee/mC" type shit.

So I hope that gives everyone a little insight.
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