Sunday, April 25, 2010





Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ThankYou Lyrics(inc.)

Shattered the mirrors-
image that I once had
of myself and seeing my face on the mags
about face, toss my old face in the trash
gram' told me 'bout this gift that I have for insight
so the deeper i'd search,
the further I got lost in church
like every atom is a bomb waiting to burst
and every nerve ending of mine
just hurts for the truth and its use?
and weapon..but
MY 45. is all for all of us
seduced by the wants, if you got all ya need
then the war for your mind is lost, in the greed
lost in the speed of life...light speed slow, nigga GLC
redefine my...success as just peace
with everything I see but more-so me
and shouts to Kodi unseen for so long
said "we should chill and I really like ya songs"
so... I know I connect
with that part of ya body... right about ya neck so...
feel free to move hips, move legs, move lips
tell folks bout...this
and this a thanks in advance
an unborn child's like an un-made fan..ThankYou

Man... I lost friends over dumb shit.
you ever lost friends over dumb shit?
I'm talkin minute you cool
and the next you got issues won't confront shit?
but ..who am I to question
in every loss I ever took, gained a lesson
silver lining that makes for golden rhymin'

GodLee mC