Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hiding Behind the Clouds


Hey, everybody... I'm going on Hiatus for a second, but when I come back... I've got BIG things in Store I'm talking VIDEO BLOGS, MORE PHOTOS, and most importantly MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC, and MUSIC...
So...until then I'm a full moon hiding behind the clouds


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This or THAT (AND) Review of The Cool*

Imma give this one to ya'll in 3 parts:


Play Ya PART 3 stacks

Sifting through todays lyrics, I realized that we all do different things to protect out heart. Some people deny it until its undeniable, some people simply don't play the game at all, and others (like myself), just want it to be, or be over. ' It's ok to be different', Keeps replaying in my mind as I silently analyze my many peers different approach to The Game.
Some of us are dreamers,
Some of us are realists,
Some of us try to impose our thoughts and ideas on others.

Play ya part 3 stacks...Play yo' part:


Review of The Cool:
Listen to it for yourself, I'd rather make music than review it.
If your a fan of Lupe's style then more than likely you'll rock with it.


Elitism= wack
there's elitism in everything for example i hate people who brag to me
that they "discovered so and so" wayyy before everyone else
who fucking cares its the same damn song[s]
i.e. all of amy winehouse's fans
who claim to have been a fan of hers since they were born"
~Boafoa Offei-Darko

Lupe Fiasco:
It’s a bad thing. To me, it’s tantamount to racism. It’s tom foolery of me to think that everybody would be open to everything else because you have people in the south who shun stuff from the east coast; if you’re from the east coast, you shun stuff that comes from the south…there’s always peer-pressure. There’s always people who push to be the elite. Like racism, everybody needs to be at some level of universality where we at least respect that we all didn’t come up in the same circumstances. We all don’t have the same influences. We’re all trying to reach the same goals, and it’s all underneath Hip Hop. But some people will push it out, and that’s when it starts to get a little spooky. Don’t shun mine ‘cause it’s got 808 [drums] in it; I won’t shun yours ‘cause it’s got a bunch of Soul samples in it. It’s all trying to reach the understanding. It can get real serious, real nasty in certain instances, but it is what it is.



From Dreams to Reality.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Cool

Thought it was cool to burn crosses in your front lawn
as they hung you from trees in your back yard
They thought it was cool to leave you
Thirsty and stranded
He thought it was cool to carry a gun
in his classroom
and open fire
Virgina Tech, Columbine
Stop the Violence.
They thought it was cool to tear down the projects
and put up million dollar condos
They think its cool to stand on the block
hiding product in their socks
making quick dime bag dollars
They think its cool to ride down on you
in blue and white and unmarked cars
busting you upside your head.
Because the problem is WE think its COOL too
Check your ingredients
before you overdose.
on The COOL.
_Baba's COOL for Thought_

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Some lyrics tossing around my head for this track
I'm trynna make progress on called "Drag"

Thinking you can't drag a man to a destiny
can't drag a dream into reality
said the boy who's grandpa rode the road on his back
and I came this far on sheets, So I go back...
no never, so I flow so clever
trynna go, grow better
So every single letter, hope my homie try to one better
trynna 1-up and give life to it
if not...the writers block left, i guess i'll write through it
RYU it, like..you know Street Fight throught it
recognize that theres a sweet plight to it
struggle is the road to profit right? sound Jewish
See, I've seen too much to sound foolish
So I shall not Drag-on, just try to speech fire
drown the things I'm dragging 'til I'm many leagues higher
And my Mini-me's got the tendacies to be
what I once wished of me and we...
see we tend to try to drag-up
and it drags us down...
So the only thing I try to drag is me now.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I figured If I didn't have anything to write about...

Then I could just throw up pics of me and Melissa Boo-Luvin'
Get ya Barf Bags now.

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Pretty Pink, Baby Blue...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Ok OK i'm Done...
I dunno here's some Lyrics or something.

Wondering why my dad hit me up @ like 1 am/
to tell me he appreciates the son that I am/
and I should've been more receptive/
but the thing about relationships is, once they've become infected/
there's always this weight/
It's all love....except for the underlying hate/
like, how do you explain to a six year old./
you promised but you can't make it, that how things get cold/
and I aint just talking about that night or my toes/
stating to see why, I don't give a fuck about most.../
and fuck an ego/
if you and dad aint on pages the same/
to a certain extent you feel ashamed/
we learn to forgive, but traveling down memory lane/
there's no road block on the pain/
just trynna maintain/
and since he's adamant about making some change/
I'm hell-bent on breaking the chain/
So, until i'm sitting up and my kids somewhere/
wondering if they ever really felt I wasn't there/
i'll just be sitting here penning some rhymes/
reminiscing on times I missed out on Mine.../

And all this death got me wanting to shout out some names of people that I cannot live without:
So I gotta tell you I love ya...since i'm not garunteed a chance.

Love ya twin! Justin...
Love ya Antoine!
Love ya Low
Love Ya Mart!
Love ya Weeeezy
Love ya Spence
Love ya Sam
Love ya BF
Love ya Ashley
Love ya Han
Love ya Traci
Love ya TRACY!
Love ya Jonelle
Love ya Moni!
Love ya Ebs
Love ya DRE
LOve ya E! :-D
Love ya ME
love ya STars
love all you guys/girls
and last but not least...Love ya Mel...

"The best way to pay honor to death is to celebrate life"

Monday, December 3, 2007


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Something bout a woman named Traci/Tracy/Tracie

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Laptop x Stickers.

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...I haven't really been on my photographist steez lately..

Some of my homies drink, taking shots at the bar/
Others...Law degrees, taking shots at the bar/
Some of em took shots so they locked behind bars/
and i'm here, writing bars, see we aint that far/
from each other in the struggle trynna find that freedom/
I am my brothers keeper, so Like i need him/
he need me,/
you heard Odd on the beat?/
I'm just following footprints until i find my feet/
and yes, I still rhyme feats of amazement/
on beats from phazes,/
I'm an untamed beast with no caging/
but as far as signs go./
Gemini? no./
I'm just this scorpio with so much soul/
20/20 vision watching life unfold/
trynna do whats right not so much whats told/
So lemme ask you, am I wrong for that?
shiiit I'll just make a song for that..."


Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Knowing facts doesn't do too much for anybody besides the gratification that comes from winning arugments. The practical application of knowledge is what defines or defis wisdom. In ones ability to increase the quality of life is where worth is found.

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I don't pretend so have some great Mishka hat with an all-seeing eye on it or something
this aint Lord of the Rings.

Ok, I'm guess there are some similiarities.

"n-n-no-now that-that don't kill me..."
Sitting here, going back through various verses that I've penned for whatever reason,
I've come to the conclusion that...
Some more than others, Others more than some, but none more than you.
You being ME.

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And THIS version of cupids arrow...

Has taught me that sometimes patience is the best tool in your tool box, for problems cannot always be solved using a hands on approach. Which is why I'm sitting here, tired as [expeletive] (I forgot it was MY blog for a second) FUCK! wanting to go to bed, waiting on someone. But instead of bitching about it...or you know leaving (common sense would tell you...) I'm being patient.
I guess all people come into your life for a reason or something like that.

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Yo, Fuck what you heard...If you don't think that The Lord of the Rings was one of the dopest trilogies to ever be put into movie form, then you don't understand how life is supposed to work. Matrix WHAT!?


P.S. When I say DO NOT look at my camera...its for your OWN DAMN GOOD! (Sam has been made aware)... if you ONLY knew about my life. It DEF has its...umm...random, unfocused, sincere, moments, but i'll show you what i want you to see, as humans tend to do.

Monday, November 26, 2007


So... I guess to being on THIS particular Post... I have to admit something.
I think about style more than you. Not YOU, just you in a general sense (I think at least), I like to let on this facade as if it's just a fleeting thing that I think about from time to time in actuality, I'm aware of more fashion related things that I care to admit, Especially in the particular area that I find my style being in now. Which is...**shudders**...Nope...i'm not even going to say that (or those) word(s).
Someone can get 2 points for guessing what that word is correctly.
Either way...Onto the Pictures.

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Now the AVERAGE eyes, you'd think...ok..a hat with an eyeball on it and a shirt with a bear on it.
To me (and my conglomerate) it reads MNWKA (Mishka for those not fluent in Russian)
I think Mishka is a DOPE ass brand... I try S0o0o Hard not to get caught up in Labels...but...I think the shits dope, thats all that matters to me. But I won't Bore you guys With the details of what I wear.
Oh yeah...and dirtied HalfCabs...
(and to Think I SWORE I'd never fuck w/ Vans...) In fact...you know that song from THE PACK I often parodied it with...
" Got my vans on, cause I got a small penis..." But
them cunts got my money, so i can't say too much bad about them for making a dope shoe

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(I mean just Look at them)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
How seriously should I take this?
(answer: probably not that serious)
How seriously DO i take this?
(answer: very damn seriously)

Wish me well
_The eMCee

P.S. Yes..the towel that I use is VERY Purple...and I gives no damn.
"Nigga's wanna bring the 80's back//
Thats ok cause that where they made me at..."

Friday, November 23, 2007

Blue Magic!

I seem to just be a fan of blue things in general

Blu (Of Blu & Exile)

Bloo (fosters House of Imaginary friends)

Blue Cantrell (Remember her?)

Blueprint (read: Jay-Z?)

Blue Collar (read: Rhymefest)

Blue (+Cement) Stabs
(this pic makes me wish mine weren't beat to hell :'( )
Hell even Blue SUPREME beanies Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket (hell...this pic makes me wish I hadn't given it to my pahtnah)

and this Blue Magic seems to be no different
I just can't get enough, its almost as if I'm addicted
And i mean in BOTH forms...
Of American Gangster that is...
I'll Tackle the Film First...But i'll make it quick cause i have to run and swipe my Blue Card
*seeing as how its black friday and all*
But I digress.
Denzel's Performance in the movie was ON point (as usual)
The WHOLE...Tale is pretty motivating No, not to sell drugs, but to just make moves. and as far as movies go these days *cough*SAWIV*cough* its nice to see something Original. True the 'Gangsters rise and fall' movies are nothing new, but this one is from the black perspective and get this, it ACTUALLY HAPPENED!
I almost understand why Jay-Z put together a whole album after this, because when the movie finished. I wrote 3 songs that NIGHT because i really just felt motivated to make moves.
"The man I worked for, had one of the biggest companies in New York City, he didn't own his own company. The white man owned it, so he owned him. Nobody owns me though."
-Denzel as Frank Lucas
And THAT is how it starts
American Gangster I mean.
Many people hail this particular work as one of Jay-Z's top 3-4? Albums. Sitting shoulder to shoulder with classics like Reasonable Doubt, The Blueprint, and In My Lifetime Vol.1. At first I considered all of these people dumb, and blasphemous to the career which has been Jay_HOVA! But after thoroughly listening to the album. Its a damn good album.
"To call this an album would do it a great disservice, for it is, really and truly, an experience. Look into the dark heart of this opus, and you will find a liberated artist succeeding in precisely what he wants to achieve. And thinking once again about what that French lecturer told me on that train to York: if America truly offers both the best and the worst of what this world has to offer, then this is the very best describing aspects of the very worst."
(an Excerpt from the www.rapreviews.com review of American Gangster)
Passing on reviewing the album,
i'll just say its a dope ass album
-Hello Brooklyn (EEEGHCK!)
-Ignorant Shit (not a bad track, just out of place and slightly dated)
-The production didn't really faze me at first, but...its fitting.

"The irony of selling drugs, is like its sorta like using it//
guess its two sides to what substance abuse is//"

So as i pop American Gangster back into the DVD player
and press play on my itunes, I wish YOU a happy turkish Delight Day AND Black Friday



Tuesday, November 20, 2007


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Life is a beach
I’m shore
desperate for a place to land

But maybe death is where I’m meant to
is where I find myself
So to sin, in a sense
Would be to engage
Losing innocence…

Free me from fire
life is a beach

of that I am shore
desperate for a place to land
or at least hell I can
for heaven


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Discreet Shiiiiit*

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"1.2.3. Mos Def and Talib Kweli
I said 1.2.3. BlackStar Shine Eternally"
~Mos Def


Thursday, November 15, 2007

The following post contains URINE and BLOOD. Thank you.

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Foggy Nights

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Foggy Days

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Blood Samples

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Urine Samples

_The eMCee

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Life has this inevitable way of unnerving you when ever you've settled into your cute little 'comfortable' nest. Given these late night programs that I watch (on TLC, Discovery, Health Channel etc.) chronicling a lifespan and condensing an average of 72 (yep 72's the average) years into an hour long television program, one might begin to believe that I know whats REALLY good. I do, to a certain extent, so when news of a certain West hit me, the impact was muffled. I'd already come to terms with the fact that lifelines are more reminiscent of life segments. So with that being said, there was no fanfare of me calling and telling my friends and family, nor was there an overly dramatic tear-filled moment. There was a deep feeling of sorrow, a couple of moments of silence, a thank you and thoughts of a blog that I'd dedicate to a woman who'd done so much for me though she'd never know my name.
How do you honor death?, by celebrating life...and I do that by living it to the fullest.
So, people its precious, I've gathered that much from it if nothing else.
R.I.P. Donda West

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So he told me that we remind him of Little Brother today...

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Kid Robot x Earth

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Remember? ha...nice seeing you!

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Do you read Russian?

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Do you Read Russian yet?

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....feels that bad huh? Its not.

“Reminiscing on unborn kings
I stand silently, honored by her presence
for she is the flower who blooms
the city lights and concrete monuments
where the rest of the family’s tree
wilted or waned
for SHE
is the rock amongst which the waves crash
and where many of her kind
were made soft
reduced to sandy shores,
she held sternly,
“hurt me much, break me never…”
thoughs of a revolutionary
actions in evolution
yet surrounded by pollution
Who never fled the fight
stands here, alone against odds…”

"For SHE..."

_the eMCee

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Miss I...

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Wipe my face of your lip-gloss
though a trace was left
In the absence of your warmth
Attempting to retrace these steps.
Smearing your lipgloss onto my face
Kissing you
Embracing the taste
Picking myself up out of love
Re-living the chase…
No matter how I re-arrange the words
Miss I… you
You, I Miss
I Miss You…
It all reads the same.

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Feel free to peep these tracks...
@ www.myspace.com/themcee

Friday, November 2, 2007


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Proud of ya.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

eMCee Goes to the MOVIES!

So I went to see SawIV

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Face After seeing SawIV

Being a movie critic in my former life...I must say some words on what I expected to be a thrill. But ended up being THOROUGHLY disappointing.
Ok, I wont babble on too much...here's the short version
*that i typed into my phone after viewing the movie(s)*

"SawIV? Sorry I saw Saw 3 times already..."

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"...Why did i get married on the other hand...meh...maybe it might be an amazing movie. It is all about the feeling remember (reference to last post)?...maybe not so much the dismemberment.
Proving that once and for-all too much of a good thing ...is actually a bad thing. I NEVER WANTto O SEE another SAW movie EVER!

While Jill on the other hand...I agree...it does feel damn good.

Monday, October 29, 2007


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MIKEnific3NT: boaf
MIKEnific3NT: i had en epiphany today
h00die07: ?
MIKEnific3NT: good music doesnt exist
h00die07: lmao
h00die07: honestly
h00die07: thats true
h00die07: 95% of the time
h00die07: but there is good music out there
MIKEnific3NT: no no no
h00die07: its just really rare
MIKEnific3NT: i mean...
MIKEnific3NT: good music in the sense of
MIKEnific3NT: what constitutes good music
h00die07: you forget that i'm stupid
h00die07: so you're going to have to explain
MIKEnific3NT: you know how people go to war because they have different viewpoints
MIKEnific3NT: (and your not stupid which is why i'm talking to you about it)
MIKEnific3NT: good depends on your perception
MIKEnific3NT: and there are an infinite amount of different perceptions...
MIKEnific3NT: what give ssomething a redeeming quality to one person might not really hold true for the next person
MIKEnific3NT: what qualifies as intellectual to some people won't hold true to other people
MIKEnific3NT: example...one of my teachers said that our language plays a large role in the way that we think
MIKEnific3NT: ie....inuits...have many different words for different types of snow
MIKEnific3NT: but...we just say snow
MIKEnific3NT: cause...to us snow is snow
MIKEnific3NT: you know
MIKEnific3NT: and i'm tired of elitist attitudes
h00die07: about music?
MIKEnific3NT: mhmm
MIKEnific3NT: surpisingly enough..considering the people that i hang out with and the things that i do
h00die07: yea
h00die07: i'm also surprised
MIKEnific3NT: but...i guess its been a while coming...because...
MIKEnific3NT: for a while now...i've been saying
MIKEnific3NT: i dont mind the music as much as i mind a lack of variety
h00die07: i see
h00die07: and how is this affecting your style?
MIKEnific3NT: i dunno...i'm personally starting to fall into music as a feeling
MIKEnific3NT: more-so than music as a message
MIKEnific3NT: obviously theres still going to be..ya know...a certain amount of content
MIKEnific3NT: but at the erykah show
MIKEnific3NT: i felt it
MIKEnific3NT: you know
h00die07: thats how i usually view music
h00die07: its kind of the appeal of music without so many words
h00die07: ie. every genre outside of hiphop
h00die07: but yea
h00die07: i understand
MIKEnific3NT: so with that in mind...i feel like how could you ever dictate to someone what is 'good' music
h00die07: you can
h00die07: but you'd be wrong
h00die07: lol
MIKEnific3NT: and...i thought about this..because...everytime i listen to little brothers CD...right afterwards i put in Graduation..and supposedly little brothers CD is sooo much better
h00die07: supposedly?
MIKEnific3NT: but...kanyes CD gives me that feeling
MIKEnific3NT: supposedly in terms of...all my hip hop head people be on lb's penis
h00die07: ok
h00die07: now i see what you're saying
h00die07: and i completely understand
h00die07: like i completely understand
h00die07: like i used to think to myslef
h00die07: that {some people} view music more like a math problem
h00die07: and i viewed it more like a book
h00die07: lol
MIKEnific3NT: please explain
h00die07: because when we would talk about music
h00die07: they would have logical and systematic reasoning for their thoughts about the quality of it
h00die07: but i would be like
h00die07: ....i just like the way the drum sounds at the end of it
h00die07: lol
h00die07: at the end of the day
MIKEnific3NT: lol
MIKEnific3NT: LOL!
MIKEnific3NT: indeed
MIKEnific3NT: in fact
MIKEnific3NT: thats my point exactly
h00die07: lol
h00die07: yea
h00die07: i mean in terms of arguing
h00die07: it gives them more ammo
h00die07: but i know what i like
h00die07: even if i cant explain why
h00die07: so systematically
MIKEnific3NT: yeah
h00die07: yea
MIKEnific3NT: sike nah...
MIKEnific3NT: but...i mean...i'm sitting here...having this conversation with someone about boosie
MIKEnific3NT: and agreeing with everything that they say
MIKEnific3NT: as much as they agree with everything that i say when i talk about
MIKEnific3NT: ect etc etc
MIKEnific3NT: and its like
MIKEnific3NT: you know...people really...want to shake their asses and have fun
MIKEnific3NT: so who am i to say
MIKEnific3NT: because that music isn't going to intellectualyl stimulate me
MIKEnific3NT: that that isn't good music
MIKEnific3NT: its effective in its aim
h00die07: lol
h00die07: i've always loved stupid music
h00die07: i just dont like the other people who listen to stupid music
h00die07: and the videos that come with stupid music
h00die07: and how the radio abuses stupid music
MIKEnific3NT: and thats completely ok...and ties into what i was saying about..ya know the variety
h00die07: yea
h00die07: i know what you mean
h00die07: honestly
h00die07: like i hate having to think when i'm listening to music
h00die07: so if you're rhyming about something meaningful but its like you're rapping out a book
h00die07: i'm gonna go play something else
h00die07: but yea
h00die07: thats not what you're talking about
h00die07: but i understand what you mean completely
MIKEnific3NT: nope...you just made another point
MIKEnific3NT: its about the feeling as well
h00die07: yea
h00die07: indeed
MIKEnific3NT: you can say the deepest most...powerful shit in the world
MIKEnific3NT: but... you know
MIKEnific3NT: if someone says COUNT to 3! in a way thats going to captivate peoploe
MIKEnific3NT: who REALLY did more?
h00die07: lol
MIKEnific3NT: you don't mind if i put this conversation in my blog do you?
h00die07: nope
h00die07: go ahead
h00die07: lol
h00die07: this kind of reminds me of an analysis i made after the jena six wear black day
h00die07: that
h00die07: the souldja boy can unite more black people to dance
h00die07: than the jena six could get black people to wear black
h00die07: yea
MIKEnific3NT: yea
h00die07: but thats another disappointing conversation
MIKEnific3NT: indeed
MIKEnific3NT: in an ideal world...that wouldnt be true
MIKEnific3NT: but...
MIKEnific3NT: thats just the way these things can go
h00die07: very disappointing
h00die07: but not surprising
MIKEnific3NT: i'm glad to have had this conversation with you
MIKEnific3NT: cause i didn't know HOW i was going to put it into words
MIKEnific3NT: that people wouldnt explode when they read
h00die07: lol
h00die07: you would have
h00die07: you always do
MIKEnific3NT: i mean i find a way...but i think that this...was good
h00die07: lol
h00die07: whatever
MIKEnific3NT: and now i'm going to work on my presentation due in approx. 20 minutes lol
h00die07: lol
h00die07: i have to translate cicero
h00die07: so i'll ttyl
MIKEnific3NT: peeaace

11:09:37 am -11:41:48am

Sunday, October 28, 2007

She Lives in my Lap.

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"(In advance...this is going to be a post that people may look at me and be like...he ACTUALLY told the truth to a stupid amount. To that my only reply is... that omitting the truth has successfully made me look stupid. So I'll just do the dirty work and save people the trouble of the puzzle and wasted time.)"

"I'm trynna put my finger on it
though I know i shouldn't linger on it
See its strange when the truth come out,
people feel like holes in the drain trying to leak it out
unknown if they care or just want shit to speak about
cause if i'm hurtin then i'm often met with
well, this method...m-fuckers telling me to accept it
yet if i'm wrong, misguided and misdirected
seems like they are at my throat like a necklace
And i'm trynna find where the balance at
looking back, past friendships man it shouldn't surprise me
critics don't help me grow, they just criticize me
Saying "if i was in your position then i'd probably..."
well nigga you aint so...
take ya two peso's
and feel free to sit in that corner idly
cause oddly, i made it this far without help
and i aint saying a diss, or doubting that ya'll help...
but if it take hell for a nigga to melt
a be true, then nobody gonna feel that burn but myself.
So they tell me I'm hard-headed
I accepted it
So why they keep telling me?

'Fuck what niggas say, only God can Judge me'

_The eMCee