Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Knowing facts doesn't do too much for anybody besides the gratification that comes from winning arugments. The practical application of knowledge is what defines or defis wisdom. In ones ability to increase the quality of life is where worth is found.

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I don't pretend so have some great Mishka hat with an all-seeing eye on it or something
this aint Lord of the Rings.

Ok, I'm guess there are some similiarities.

"n-n-no-now that-that don't kill me..."
Sitting here, going back through various verses that I've penned for whatever reason,
I've come to the conclusion that...
Some more than others, Others more than some, but none more than you.
You being ME.

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And THIS version of cupids arrow...

Has taught me that sometimes patience is the best tool in your tool box, for problems cannot always be solved using a hands on approach. Which is why I'm sitting here, tired as [expeletive] (I forgot it was MY blog for a second) FUCK! wanting to go to bed, waiting on someone. But instead of bitching about it...or you know leaving (common sense would tell you...) I'm being patient.
I guess all people come into your life for a reason or something like that.

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Yo, Fuck what you heard...If you don't think that The Lord of the Rings was one of the dopest trilogies to ever be put into movie form, then you don't understand how life is supposed to work. Matrix WHAT!?


P.S. When I say DO NOT look at my camera...its for your OWN DAMN GOOD! (Sam has been made aware)... if you ONLY knew about my life. It DEF has its...umm...random, unfocused, sincere, moments, but i'll show you what i want you to see, as humans tend to do.

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