Friday, November 23, 2007

Blue Magic!

I seem to just be a fan of blue things in general

Blu (Of Blu & Exile)

Bloo (fosters House of Imaginary friends)

Blue Cantrell (Remember her?)

Blueprint (read: Jay-Z?)

Blue Collar (read: Rhymefest)

Blue (+Cement) Stabs
(this pic makes me wish mine weren't beat to hell :'( )
Hell even Blue SUPREME beanies Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket (hell...this pic makes me wish I hadn't given it to my pahtnah)

and this Blue Magic seems to be no different
I just can't get enough, its almost as if I'm addicted
And i mean in BOTH forms...
Of American Gangster that is...
I'll Tackle the Film First...But i'll make it quick cause i have to run and swipe my Blue Card
*seeing as how its black friday and all*
But I digress.
Denzel's Performance in the movie was ON point (as usual)
The WHOLE...Tale is pretty motivating No, not to sell drugs, but to just make moves. and as far as movies go these days *cough*SAWIV*cough* its nice to see something Original. True the 'Gangsters rise and fall' movies are nothing new, but this one is from the black perspective and get this, it ACTUALLY HAPPENED!
I almost understand why Jay-Z put together a whole album after this, because when the movie finished. I wrote 3 songs that NIGHT because i really just felt motivated to make moves.
"The man I worked for, had one of the biggest companies in New York City, he didn't own his own company. The white man owned it, so he owned him. Nobody owns me though."
-Denzel as Frank Lucas
And THAT is how it starts
American Gangster I mean.
Many people hail this particular work as one of Jay-Z's top 3-4? Albums. Sitting shoulder to shoulder with classics like Reasonable Doubt, The Blueprint, and In My Lifetime Vol.1. At first I considered all of these people dumb, and blasphemous to the career which has been Jay_HOVA! But after thoroughly listening to the album. Its a damn good album.
"To call this an album would do it a great disservice, for it is, really and truly, an experience. Look into the dark heart of this opus, and you will find a liberated artist succeeding in precisely what he wants to achieve. And thinking once again about what that French lecturer told me on that train to York: if America truly offers both the best and the worst of what this world has to offer, then this is the very best describing aspects of the very worst."
(an Excerpt from the review of American Gangster)
Passing on reviewing the album,
i'll just say its a dope ass album
-Hello Brooklyn (EEEGHCK!)
-Ignorant Shit (not a bad track, just out of place and slightly dated)
-The production didn't really faze me at first, but...its fitting.

"The irony of selling drugs, is like its sorta like using it//
guess its two sides to what substance abuse is//"

So as i pop American Gangster back into the DVD player
and press play on my itunes, I wish YOU a happy turkish Delight Day AND Black Friday



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