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Sunday, May 3, 2009

DaCia x Twitter fo' ya LIFE!

Today DaCia decided to bless us with these random, yet TRUE AS F*CK statements:;

Fact- If you still have a sidekick, you are wack.
Fact- Blackplanet pioneered the cyber social community idea.
Fact- EVERYONE had a blackplanet. And left when Myspace blew up.
Fact- EVERYONE had a myspace and left when Facebook blew up.
Fact- They are all on their way to twitter.

Fact- Erykah Badu>>>>Beyonce
Fact- Lauren Hill>>>>Beyonce
Fact- J-i-l-l-s-c-o-t-t-eeee-heeee from north philly ya'll>>>>Beyonce
Fact- @antoine_son is one of my favorite rappers. I play him in the car regularly along with @mc301. @antbeezydoesit can attest to this
Fact- If a boy pays me too much attention I'll think he's lame.
Fact- Size matters. I don't care what they told you in health class.
Fact- My bestfriend is my ideal as far as what I want in a man, but I would never risk our friendship.
Fact- Opinions can't be given these days. If you like something, You are a hop on or you sucking it off. If you don't, you are a hater.
Fact- Great groups of friend come in four. Sex in the City, Girlfriends, Seinfeld cast..
Fact- I never found katt williams that funny*
Fact- If a meet a boy and he doesn't think that Illmatic is one of the greatest albums in hiphop history I scratch him off my mental list
Fact- Katt Williams's act is just an extension of his role in Friday after next that was WRITTEN FOR HIM! Duhh people!
Fact- the 90's is arguably the best TV period in history. I remember rushing home just to see a TV show. TV these days ain't the same.
Fact-I get upset when boys use "pussy" or anything feminine to reference a weaker person. Shit. You try to carry a baby and pushing it out.
Fact- We say "Bless you" when someone sneezes because your heat temporarily stops beating. Sorry, I'm a science major.
Fact- The city of Miami will be underwater in 20 years de to melting of the icecaps. Thanks pollution.
Fact- I'd rather a boy talk to me about sports than to be on some cuddle lovey-dovey shit.
Fact- a boy talking to me about sports, music (hiphop/rap preferably), and sneakers will damn near have me...uh you finish the rest. lol.
Fact- DMV is holding twitter down. We outchea! Night folks!

*He's aiight!


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