Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Artist- Mouse aka The Waldorf Poster Boy

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Spits Crack
here's an example:

KanYeWest ft. Mouse Aka The Waldorf Poster Boy- Say You Will (Rmx)

(I tried to do some justice with the photo-editing skills)

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Next up is probably gonna be DOZA, as soon as I get some new CRACK from him...(pause)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Supa mC

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Turn this shit up


Saturday, November 8, 2008


::from www.mC-Bsides.blogspot.com

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Girl saying our time aint time enough
rhyme saying my grind aint grind enough
friends saying...well they ignoring my phone calls
So all i really got is there for walls
no..forewarning for all this storming
no smiles all I can form is foreman...
so ::no it aint all good, i'm just so misunderstood::
styles I gave away and they so ungrateful
rhyme over they head so they underrated dude
love is fake too,
so i'm just waiting for niggas to unmask
without a facial
Irony, cause good times I can't relate to..
cause Good Times I CAN relate to
and my lil mama's more like Rihanna
and her favorite song seems to be unfaithful
not in the way that i'd kick her out
but more like how it was in 'Take A Bow'
so ::no it aint all good, so i'm sooo misunderstood::
Wondering why, nobody sees things quite like I do
like how you betray me and I stood beside you, do...
Julius breed Brutus inside dudes,
maybe success is too much of an eye-full
I, never gave ya'll a reason for hate, besides a couple dates
showing up a lil late
but if I had food then ya'll had a plate but
to my mindstate dudes just can't relate
so maybe i'm just a Jake, arrested in my development
maybe they indians threatened by my settlement
but its like I only do it for the betterment
yet, trust? I dunno where the hell it went...
maybe its just that people grow apart
some grow cold, other grow a heart
some grow wise others just grow smart
some begin again, others don't know where to start
I mean, some intentions fall short of invention
dudes thats honorable, get no mention...
so it aint all good
i'm just so misunderstood...
but its all good, understand me? I wish ya'll would
no!, I see platinum when its all wood
and be cool when others say I should
not be Travolta// and trust my words aint trynna insult ya
but when i feel people trynna get over
the rhymes that builds helps me get over
a point
my point: the world not getting me
is a gift cause a gift its given me,
so i spit and descript so vividly
though i still can't fix this picture we
call a friendship, so fuck fake niggas
but you helped me so, its ok nigga
girlie like "I know I can't stay with ya..."
shiiiiiit, that just paint for another picture
so I see the silver lining
if not life, i'll be good at rhyming
blacksheep, but i'm still good at shining,
so all this coal has just given me Diamonds...
So its all good, understand me? I wish yall woooould...
....I'm just so misunderstood...


::resumes not caring::

Monday, November 3, 2008

Untitled.mp3 (1)

::from www.mC-bsides.blogspot.com::
Wassup world...
Since this is the Music blog I'mma keep it short on the words
So here is the first track
which isn't even MY joint,just a collab track that I'm on...but i figured I might as well jump the blog off with this little yameanerie, something slight.

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Feel free to debate which verse was the best.
Order- (1)Doza, (2)STix, (3)mC, (4)Supreme

P.S. It doesn't even have a title..we'll get to all that later,
More Tracks coming soon.