Monday, November 26, 2007


So... I guess to being on THIS particular Post... I have to admit something.
I think about style more than you. Not YOU, just you in a general sense (I think at least), I like to let on this facade as if it's just a fleeting thing that I think about from time to time in actuality, I'm aware of more fashion related things that I care to admit, Especially in the particular area that I find my style being in now. Which is...**shudders**...Nope...i'm not even going to say that (or those) word(s).
Someone can get 2 points for guessing what that word is correctly.
Either way...Onto the Pictures.

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Now the AVERAGE eyes, you'd think...ok..a hat with an eyeball on it and a shirt with a bear on it.
To me (and my conglomerate) it reads MNWKA (Mishka for those not fluent in Russian)
I think Mishka is a DOPE ass brand... I try S0o0o Hard not to get caught up in Labels...but...I think the shits dope, thats all that matters to me. But I won't Bore you guys With the details of what I wear.
Oh yeah...and dirtied HalfCabs...
(and to Think I SWORE I'd never fuck w/ Vans...) In know that song from THE PACK I often parodied it with...
" Got my vans on, cause I got a small penis..." But
them cunts got my money, so i can't say too much bad about them for making a dope shoe

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(I mean just Look at them)

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How seriously should I take this?
(answer: probably not that serious)
How seriously DO i take this?
(answer: very damn seriously)

Wish me well
_The eMCee

P.S. Yes..the towel that I use is VERY Purple...and I gives no damn.
"Nigga's wanna bring the 80's back//
Thats ok cause that where they made me at..."

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