Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I figured If I didn't have anything to write about...

Then I could just throw up pics of me and Melissa Boo-Luvin'
Get ya Barf Bags now.

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Pretty Pink, Baby Blue...

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Ok OK i'm Done...
I dunno here's some Lyrics or something.

Wondering why my dad hit me up @ like 1 am/
to tell me he appreciates the son that I am/
and I should've been more receptive/
but the thing about relationships is, once they've become infected/
there's always this weight/
It's all love....except for the underlying hate/
like, how do you explain to a six year old./
you promised but you can't make it, that how things get cold/
and I aint just talking about that night or my toes/
stating to see why, I don't give a fuck about most.../
and fuck an ego/
if you and dad aint on pages the same/
to a certain extent you feel ashamed/
we learn to forgive, but traveling down memory lane/
there's no road block on the pain/
just trynna maintain/
and since he's adamant about making some change/
I'm hell-bent on breaking the chain/
So, until i'm sitting up and my kids somewhere/
wondering if they ever really felt I wasn't there/
i'll just be sitting here penning some rhymes/
reminiscing on times I missed out on Mine.../

And all this death got me wanting to shout out some names of people that I cannot live without:
So I gotta tell you I love ya...since i'm not garunteed a chance.

Love ya twin! Justin...
Love ya Antoine!
Love ya Low
Love Ya Mart!
Love ya Weeeezy
Love ya Spence
Love ya Sam
Love ya BF
Love ya Ashley
Love ya Han
Love ya Traci
Love ya TRACY!
Love ya Jonelle
Love ya Moni!
Love ya Ebs
Love ya DRE
LOve ya E! :-D
Love ya ME
love ya STars
love all you guys/girls
and last but not least...Love ya Mel...

"The best way to pay honor to death is to celebrate life"

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Anonymous said...

a yo Im such a little brother fan...but nice lil blog ya got going...