Thursday, October 22, 2009

Track-by-Track #2 - mC@Work / MD

With Love, from mC
With love(frontCover)
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mC@Work(Prod. DJ Jazzy Jeff)-
This song is the oldest song on the project, recorded in cool edit pro at my house(Waldorf) in my computer room one day. I heard the beat and it really reminded me of older hip-hop scenes with an emcee and a DJ rocking the stage. From there, I just wrote a rap. I feel like as a 'rapper' you have to just have the ability to rap (read: go on and on with clever metaphors, and flows), period. So this wasn't one of those super deep, complex,emotional or overly thought-out records. My aim was just to RAP. I always think my lines go over ppls heads, true or not ::Shruggs:: but heres some of my favs from the track:

"the measure of a man, yes sir, the liter/leader is back"

"... ok, i murder beats just to put it plainly, no Mook
hit it, get ghost but no spooks,
flows proof, liquor imitation but no spoof"

"hot like texas pete, you'll get a tan standing next to me
you'll get a brand standing next to me
no louie V, can ask the greeks".

In addition to that, I felt the sincere need to throw in some Fresh Prince of Bel-Air references just because it was a DJ Jazzy Jeff produced track. The hook/bridge/chorus was really supposed to be my idea of just rocking out on stage, and giving the DJ some time to do his thing... added a little 'back and forth' to give the feeling of an interaction between emcee and DJ;...
and there you have it; mC@Work.

This is one of those jams where it got written, and put into the stash and sat on. The instrumental is from a MURS song about his hometown of LA, so I decided to flip it in a similar fashion, starting off with what happened to be happening a lot at the time"

"Ridin' shotgun in the whip/
lighting up a spliff/
celly lighting up my hip..."

and to be honest, this was probably going to remain in the stash until I got to writing the hook, usually these are honestly the most painstaking part of writing for me, but this one really came with ease, and after it was recorded, I pretty much fell in love with it.
Ant asked me why I static-ed out certain words in the verse,
but around that part of the verse i'm talking about.. like future fashions..and then I go on to say how "I won't spill" due to jocking-ass biting-ass niggas.
but...this (like mC@Work) honestly really isn't that deep, just a shoutout to my home state of Maryland.
the second verse went more into specifics of the state, but it never got fully completed, so I just cut it after the hook and exported from Pro-Tools.
and there ya have it; MD.


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