Saturday, March 29, 2008


Off Top, No disrespect.

They torture you
(if) you get through it
you get to pay fees
you gain a couple of brothers/sisters who went through the same thing(s)
you get to step, wear a t-shirt, make a call when you see your 'family'
you get to pay dues
you get a story to talk about
you get to party
...and oh yeah, I guess you get a chance to do some community service as well.
Is there something I missed?

My Dad told me that some things aren't for some people and that sometimes things aren't for people to understand (usually after he'd beat me for something while I claimed innocence)...
But please let me know if there is something I missed.
Thank you.

_mC (Founder of MePhiMe; A brotherhood based on making ME happy :-) )

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