Friday, April 4, 2008

Took a long look around and found.

"I don't want to have these negative feelings...but look at where we stand,
what else COULD I have?"
I love Nikki Jean
I love White Girls Wearing 'Africa' gear
*Although I probably shouldn't take pictures of them and post them on my blog*
And I love the way Non-Negative feelings feel.
Like a movie made me feel like i should take this random, unfocused, picture... and value it.
I love the way she understands...even though she has no idea at all.
I absolutely enjoy "Life Again" by Nouveau Riche.

And every day I go through this life unable to chase after what echoes in my soul is a day spent in hell, peering through this window into heaven.

I don't have pictures of celebrities
and I can't scuplt a beautiful carving out of wax, marble, or clay
and I can't take on the problems of the entire world
but I can write a couple of words down
and I brought this microphone
and i was born with this voice...
So you tell me,
What you think I can do with that?



EpicLOVE said...

ahh...beautiful and refreshing

Dieta said...

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