Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Blogspot about Nothing

Claiborne(10:42:02 PM): Melissa..i'm about to light a torch in a room lined with grenades...
Claiborne(10:42:03 PM): sounds cool?
Love(10:43:52 PM): HECK NO!

This is a metaphor:

Yesterday I wanted to ride the bus, but I thought that a different bus would take me to the same place and I'd get to see new sights. I arrived at the bus...and it told me it was full, out of service, and all the other things buses are that disallow you from getting on them. Fuck on that bus again.

This is me saying something flat-out and yet still coding it enough for people not to say damn mike said 'X-Y-Z' about 'X-Y-Z'.

"...I’m not taking it for granted anymore. "
words are cute...
but actions have that sexy flavor to em...where I want to digest em...
And they stay with me in the long run...
until I shit 'em out...but by then hopefully one of my best friends will have supplied me with more to digest?...see how it works?

Your Opinion:

I don't give a fuck about it...
Because you won't admit that Jay-Z is the best to ever do it...


are some shit...
back when i used to write rhymes I wrote:
" of ya'll wack
and in the DMV [the] percentage is higher than that"

that shit is SO true...


Off the top of my head...there are about...5-6 girls (outside of fam) I know that i'm real cool with that i'd ride for...the bulk of the rest of 'em...are proving to be less and less worth my time, energy and respect.


Just give me a beat w/ the 'bap'
just give me a set-up that I can record with...
well if not fuck it all then.
the end.


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