Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So I wrote this weBlog for you.

Since I've actually been doing what I've set out to do, I figured it was ok for me to chill a little bit and attempt to rekindle what was long lost with this weblog,
I remember this (weblog) used to be full of life;
And it offered a little insight into what I was thinking.
it was like a one stop shop for all things mC (that's Mr. Claiborne to you tho')
So, I wrote this weBlog for you...
*crackeds knuckles*
*Opens, Photoshop, Picasa, and iTunes*


I'm still taking steps,
To discover yourself is one journey,
Made through interactions with the world, and those around you.
To discover yourself as an artist on the other hand is completely different.
I feel like you have to both be your biggest fan and your biggest critic.
How does this even work?
I don't know... somehow, but I promise you when you get to my 'art' portion it'll be my sincere and honest best attempt at letting everyone understands myself, people like myself and our views. Cause when you express its never just you, its just us. Thats what allows people to relate.
But i'm rambling, and i'm sure Dana will point out something that i've spelled wrong lol


P.S. This entire entry was a metaphor.

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