Wednesday, February 3, 2010

With Love from mC(2008) / Chill Music(Songs About Jane) (2009) & Thoughts.

Figured I might as well re-post my previous works "With Love from mC" and "Chill Music" (and some thoughts) while I work on my 2 new projects dropping sometime this year.
Hopefully you can see the progression between these 2 projects and I hope that you'll see the continuance of that in my newer projects dropping this year.

With Love, From mC (2008)
With love(frontCover)
With Love from mC (backcover2)

1. Leave a message (Twin)
2. Amzing
3. Leave a message (Supreme)
4. mC @ Work
5. MD
6. Leave a message (Mel)
7. Joints
8. Leave a Message (Mouse)
9. Supa mC
10. Roommate Stories
11. Say it Aint So. ft. HB
12. Leave a Message (Styles)
13. Save a Spot
14. Leave a Message (Duraleen / Ice)
15. No Savior


When I listen back to this project, I remember the super sincere feeling of just wanting to rap. I just wanted to rap and have something to call my own. Having just saved up the $400 required to build me a decent recording set-up from scratch, I did exactly that. Most of these songs are either just one verse or one verse and a hook because I couldn't wait to get these pieces of music out. I didn't even care if they were finished or mixed, I just wanted people to hear what I could do, and get a taste, even if they didn't get the whole entree'. In addition to that, I had randomly recorded all of my messages one day, and realized that they each corresponded to a song and I placed them accordingly. Aside from my recordings in high school (which I vow to never let see the light of day) this is the starting point for all things mC.

Chill Music (2009)
Chill Music Front Cover
Chill Music Back Cover

Chill Music.
1. Intro
2. Don't Save Em
3. Falling for a friend / falling in
4. Doing something you regret
5. Missing that person
6. being on some other stuff, acting like you don't care lol.
7. Lost You
8. Don't Care About 'em
9. Occupying your mind with something else completely
10. Sh.Outro

With this project, I sat for a long time with the collection of tracks that I'd made since the release of 'With Love...' and listened to them repeatedly, and tried to understand what the songs were saying overall, and one day (#whilst) it occurred to me that this set of songs told the story of a relationship, So I sequenced them accordingly.
I wanted to branch out and try things on different soundscapes (Worst Kind of Love) and I also wanted to make more structured songs (Just a Model, College Route) to show that I'd been putting in some technical work as well. I'm usually ultra critical of my stuff, but I think the project as whole represents my emotional states, mindset, and life over the course of the couple of months, and what more could you ask for from a piece of art?
The Bonuses consist of my favorite songs that I didn't think went with the theme/mood of the project. I had to put 'em out cause they were songs that I felt strongly about, so I figured people who listen to my stuff might enjoy 'em.

Hope you enjoy these, I put a lot of work into them.
and feel free to shoot me some feedback so I can make an even better product next go 'round.
'Precciate the love and support.

_mC (make Change*)

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