Sunday, February 8, 2009

I know, I know, I know

I know i was supposed to be keeping up with the daily...but that shit is hard
so sorry to my (0) readers,
but I do have a track for all (0) of you...
Brand new

mC- StuntHarder Freestyle.mp3
and you know theres gotta be a pic wit the link too

even tho' lmnhny said she didn't like how this looked...
to that i say...

enjoy the new joint and have a good day everyone...its damn near 70 degrees where i'm at so ya'll better!


"thinkin' that penny pinching for now
and petty pensions aint the life for me
so i treat every beat like competition...
I know..."

P.S. Flickr REALLY wants me to buy the premium account...
but little do they know i'm cheating on 'em with my OG photobucket...
::rubs chin:: metaphor for life?

1 comment:

hb said...

i see your pores biiiiiitch