Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 4

The Bridge is OVER

Today I worked on something that I haven't worked on in a long ass time...
a f*cking DISS song... and then a different track briefly discussing the Mirror Image f*ckery (as it shall be referred to from henceforth)...and the production on that joint? ::drumroll:: this ILL ass Dunc. instrumental...::shruggs:: I HAD TO! lol

but the DISS song is a light hearted, jab..barely peppered...just shot one time. Apparently I'm in competition to make the illest mixtape on BSU's campus..and by that I mean THERE IS NO COMPETITION...
the 'Diss' will explain it all tho'... I might even pass on the superbowl to knock these two tracks out...::looks at the time... 6:15?:: I doubt it tho'...

but umm...tell these niggas compare themselves to me after they get some rapper stripes...(and i'm not even a rapper)
---I mean drop tapes
---I mean been in freestyle battles
---I mean... had people reach out for collabs
---I mean rock a crowd...
---I mean drop

not saying that I have the most rap stripes...but i got few lol
ok, ok...I HAVE to watch the superbowl...i can't fade it!



"everything is shit, except you love(s)"


hb said...

i have always believed in you and you have always had my support. i'm sorry that i can't be there for you like you need me to.

Anonymous said...

I"ll be waiting on this mixtape!!