Saturday, January 31, 2009

KanYe vs. PhonTe

So along my day, a friend asks me about if I heard what PhonTe [of little brother] had to say about KanYe's '808's and Heartbreak', more specifically about his use of auto-tune.

Now...I love PhonTe(nh.) and I (try to) respect everyone's opinion, but I HAVE TO COMPLETELY, TOTALLY, WHOLLY, and respectfully disagree.

Kanye wasn't singing long ass over-extended Beyonce-esque runs. KanYe always sang a little bit, but to me this album focuses on the melodies to get the points of each ballad across, and the auto-tune just reinforces the melodies, the passion comes through, and the song-writing is ill. What more can I say? [/Jay-Z]

sidenote: Are you telling me songs like Streetlights, Paranoid, Say You Will, and Heartless aren't expertly pulled off?

>>of course I don't expect a response...but

::stink face @ Phonte::
::Puts in Minstrel Show::


"Music is just what feeling sounds like..."

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TM said...

I agree. Kanye is on some other ish that some people can;t understand or wont get until later down.