Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 1/Day 2

(Jan.29)Say You Will?

So in times of crisis who do YOU call?
I always got somebody, and they look out for me and we chill and talk about things, So I'm thankful for that. I don't need ostentation from anybody, I really don't... its the little things that count...its just that they never seem to add up for me. Between trying to encourage my friend(s) to be creative, Promoting, and just looking out for everyone. I get called selfish? amongst other things...
Yeah imma fall back because al this giving (& being genuine) is costing me too much.


(Jan.30)Brooklyn Girls

"I'm cold as ice/ all through the night"

I'm just gonna today
go to this tasty ass burrito that's waiting for me and work on music(me)
if I get my mic and stuff I might even turn my phone off.
I'm making this post in the morning, so no fuckery has occurred today for me to blog about...but now back to this Brooklyn Girls
will update if required.


"Theres nothing I could ever do to fix it...
all she ever asked me for was time"

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