Saturday, January 24, 2009

As I...

As I return from a walk outside to talk to my girl Mary, I somehow manage a phone call with Spencer, Talking to the cops!, and hiding the girl.

Thats what You call a W.

----- <- Ode lol

Pizza in the crib? check!
Drink in the crib? check!
Do I have a HOST of random/ unreleased Drake songs on my desktop at home? CHECK!


"I stayed late tonight aye?
You know what happens when I stay late, right?"


no offense homie..but there is MUUUCH comedy in this name...




and i'm out..
QOTP (Quote of the Post):
"So what ya owed me/ Was to the old me
and yeah ya knew me/ but its a new me
so keep the loose change(2cent?)/ I'll keep a loose leaf
to document changes it gets too deep..."

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