Friday, November 6, 2009

Track by Track #3 Joints/ Supa mC

With Love, from mC
With love(frontCover)
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"Joints" was a song that I honestly recorded randomly as hell, word kinda sorta got around that I rap and to make a long story short, I hooked up with my friend Eddie to record on his equipment. Its no big secret that I love myself some woman; and this was my song to my woman at the time. I just didn't want to make it overly and outwardly lovey-dovey.
So here's 1/2 of the first verse and I think you'll clearly get what I mean.

"At the bar taking more..shots that Sean Bell
friends saying i've OD'd homie I can't tell
hit mademoiselle..."pour me another"
'till I hit mademoiselle and we forget the rubber
so raw in our love I came...
to a conclusion
she'll make ya eyes pop out like houston
she'll make 'Ye put some sing on it (808's & Heartbreak?)
shiiit..she'll make Jay put a ring on it (Jay-Z/Beyonce...Single Ladies?)"

But this was def one of those night where everyone was just chillin in the room and I was recording..good times...good music
and I just hope ya'll agree and maybe can relate to having a 'joint' of your own.

Supa mC-
See now, sometimes you do a song and you just know. You do a song and you hit the playback button and it gives you THAT feeling. After that you say to yourself "ok lemme give a day and see how I feel about it" because when you make music, a lot of times you need to step away from the song and clear your mind of things, come back to it and listen with a refreshed ear. When I say this song passed all of my tests with flying colors, I mean it. Now I'm not going to go on and on because if anything I just wish ya'll would hear the track and decide if its hot(or hotter) for yourself. But this is def. one of my favorite cuts on the project. Its more of a concept-less/rapping for the sake of rapping song..but I think I did a pretty decent job...
if any has DJ Jazzy JeFF's emil by all means feel free to sned it to him.

'til next time!


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Drew Kid said...

you needa ask Oddisee or Kev Brown for that email lol