Monday, December 21, 2009

I LOVE/HATE The Narcissism Machine

Narcissism:(def.) -self-love: an exceptional interest in and admiration for yourself;

Now, with myself, there exists this intense love/hate relationship with TWITTER, but for the longest time I could NOT figure out why I'd even describe my relationship with an inanimate object, let alone a social networking website as love/hate.
I mean sure people are annoying as hell, that's a very consistent thing in life, but that never made me NOT want to get on facebook or myspace (maybe the spam on myspace but not the ppl). So what is it about this little twitter box that drives me up a wall?

nothing to do with the blog post

I love the aspect of instant communication with a lot of different people, so for a while I likened twitter to an oldschool* AOL-esque chatroom. Log on. See what people doing, update your followers on what you're doing, interact and take it from there.
From twitter has come plenty of spontaneous meet-ups, LOTS of comedy, news updates, sports scores, award show happenings, up to the minute music drops, and countless other discussions that happen in real-time that allows one to stay up to date on everything that doesn't matter in this world. We get to keep in touch with all of our friends who we can't see regularly and hell we even get to talk and interact with our favorite famous people!

So where does the 'hate' part of the equation come in?

I think it has something to do with a combination of the 140 character limit and the ability to retweet. (someone re-posting what you've posted to show that they agree or display their thoughts on it)

Can you really share an in-depth idea or concept in 140 characters?
Maybe you can share some noble or wise saying, but even that lends itself to the narcissism; cause you really just want your wisdom to be seen, heard and acknowledged.

again, absolutely nothing to do with the blog post.

and thus we've arrived!
It seems like twitter subconsciously enhances the desire to be heard.
What did we do with all of these random and pointless thoughts that occurred before there was twitter?
We kept them to our damn selves**! but twitter gives each and everyone one of us a platform to be heard and this feeds into the DESIRE to be heard, and each retweet is a person in the "audience" reaffirming that someone is out there "listening" to your random thought process, encouraging you to go on and on about whatever it is that you was talking about.

Did I mention that in about 80% of tweets the subject is the tweeter?
"I'm doing this..."
"I think this..."
"My this does this..."
"I, Me, my..blah blah blah"

multiply this time the #ofFollowers and you've got a twitter timeline that often resembles being slapped over the head with a collection of up-to-the-minute autobiographies that you didn't ask for*** in the first place***.
(and for the record I am not claiming to be a saint amongst sinners)
&that shit be annoying love/hate relationship with twitter is explained.
thanks for reading my rant


*feels weird referring to something in the late90's early 2000's as "oldschool"
** or shared with a SELECT group of people ie; friends, someone around you, etc.
*** but maybe you did ask for this by being on twitter?

P.S. now let me go feed The Narcissism Machine so it can poop out the good feelings that come with a comment.


yemi g. said...

twitter has really exposed the intelligence of some of my friends. 140 characters to express yourself is pretty tough, and most of the time i just browse and see, "CHILLIN @ DA MAWL" -___-. unfollow. but it's interesting to see how people live their life and how they choose to express how they're doing so. some poeple sice the most simple of tasks..idk. i also have a love/hate relationship with it.

Odie said...

in your words..."it's hard out here for a pimp" lol
I've definitely been going through ups & downs with twitter as well. Just as you said; twitter=soapbox, & following people makes you subject to read their unwanted opinions. So for me anytime a game/awards show/reality tv/death/etc. happens...I LOG OFF. I hate the negativity spewed most of the time.
Good stuff though Mike!