Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blu/ Talking too Much


After spending the latter part of my work day with a few cuts from Blu's Below the Heavens, The Lifted EP, and GODLee Barnes'(Blu) Open instrumental LP. I realized that what KanYe West was to my musical tastes, Blu has become.
and by that I mean a rapper/producer who is head and shoulders above the competition as my current favorite artist. Consistent quality work, Constant style evolution and switchage, and prolificness ( says that's a word). Not lil Wayne prolific, but I def. don't think he needed to be on the cover of the Vibe freshman issue having dropped several mixtapes and ALBUMS.
long story short... imma fan.
He's inspired a lot of the direction for my upcoming proyecto but I don't wanna talk about that.

dude got it.

I'm even growing my own version of the Blu Fro.(see what I did there?)

Talking too Much

I think(fear) that I am becoming the most introverted person I've ever met.
My desire to be with people is dwindling as quickly my faith in everything human.
Its kind of created this odd mental space for me. I feel so far (gone)removed from things that I feel a little like a ghost.
There's only a handful of people who I even feel are worth my words, feelings and thoughts.
Being friendly is painful sometimes.
I should probably just blame my expectations of people, like
with anything and anybody, if you're let down enough you start to just not care.
now combine that with a heart hell-bent on helping (read: saving the world) and what do you get?\
bars like this:
"in this galaxy of conscious minds/ I feel the closest to the edge of the universe
being human hurts, with the spirit of an angel, viewing from high angles..."


thoughts like this:

my desire to speak is at an all-time low.
yet my desire to be heard is at an all-time high

which kind of completely fucks up the whole aspiring hip-hop artist thing but that's another blog(that I'll probably never write).


P.S. Niggas be talking too much

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