Saturday, January 2, 2010

Something From the Archives.

In Order to start the New Year right, I decided to give myself some creative space.
My hard drive and Pro-Tools files looks like someone just threw a bunch of random folders together and called it a day. I don't even have one main folder that all of my Pro-tools files are in!
So I'm deleting them all... (sadface) but NOT before bouncing out all of the songs/verses/hooks and everything else worth saving.
Heres one of those such bounces...
mC-LikeThis ... this is a song that i started on Asher Roth's Lark On My Go Kart but never finished for whatever reason:

*Click to Listen/ Download*


And its just like that, and that is like this
and this is like no other youngin' that exist
Pull my card, feel free to Go fish
cause aint a line bit, and i aint lying a bit
lets call that a flip, I sampled myself
Rhymes so soulful ample my shelves,
as for my shelf, metaphor for lane
I take off labels making that plane/plain
making me 'caine, where all yall jane
doe/dough I gotta spill so i can sustain
yea, you know the name Mr. Make Change
a cunning linguist beats I give brain
dim-witted rappers, no need to explain
I am the de-light like a sugar hill gang
and its just like this,
and this is like that
and that is like no other dude that rap
in fact, i'm a bac-
teria, tearin' ya, on the hunt like a terrier for the cream
used to trade that off for clothes by Supreme
now its just that in my genes,
passion it beams from my palms, a tiger shot
in my mind, I street fight down writers block
to slide the cock, up in there, up in hear/here
wake 'em all up i'm the sun/son, the heir/air,
the moon, the stars that shine, they all align
to see little bro rhyme after all this time...
i'm sayin...


(Happy New Years btw!, maybe I should do a new years post?)

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