Monday, December 22, 2008


I woke up and felt like putting some music out today
so I chopped up parts from a couple different tracks that have been laying around
some of you may have heard some of these
and some of you may have heard none of these

Save A Spot(Prod.JakeOne)-
This (verse) is basically my take on some Erykah Badu, 'See Ya Next Lifetime...' type of track, only I'd say its a little bit harder, and speaks a little (lot) more brashly about similar situations.
Well maybe this is like the mC version of Fabolous' 'Can't let You Go'
I dunno..a mix of the two really...
I hope ya'll can relate, enjoy etc, etc, this joint.

Joints(Prod.StatikSelektah/Mixed by Eddie Ca$H))-
This (verse) kinda just came out the blue, I heard the beat and wrote the track when I was at home..and on this track I just felt like talking about (down ass) girls and how/why we love them..and one in particular.
'She'll make 'Ye put some sing on it
sh*T she'll make Jay put a RING on it'

This track basically arose out of someone telling me that they like my music, and i'm like as much as I would like to be that dude to come and take sh*t over and change the game and all that, I know i'm not that, I'm just a dude who likes to rap and make music...the 2nd verse covers the topic of people not supporting local music... complete with a shout out to ChrisBarz, IceTheVillain, MouseakaTheWaldorfPosterBoy, and XO...and lyrically its pretty simple..i just wanted to get the point across...even tho' I like (really) like the sing-songy flow of the first verse.

all chopped into one track lol


^^^Click to listen^^^

I hope Ya'll enjoy these random little cuts...
And i'm still trying to debate what type of project I want to put out
so until I do decide i'm probably just going to keep dropping joints like these

If you just want to listen to NoSavior, I JUST threw it up on the myspace

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