Monday, December 1, 2008

NEW!...mC Blog Ver. 3.0.Raw

So I'm starting over..because my blog makes ME go "yaaaawwwwn"
I'm not taking pictures like I wanted to
I'm not focused on music like I'm should be (Mel remember what I said tho' right?)
and...I think it starts with my blog (insane logic...yes)
i'll still drop some stills...
but for now
i'm just going to get on here and blog my thoughts..why?
because I can...
So I introduce the
'The mC Bloggerhythm Thingy
name = I'm mC + I blog w/ rhythm + this is my thing(y)!

oh yeah..and its gonna be RAW
but you'll see what I mean
check for a new post soon...
And by soon i mean tonite
time Allowing.


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