Thursday, December 4, 2008


Positive Female Attention?

This is probably a little known fact about myself, really it is, but I LOVeLoveLOVELOVELOVE women. As much as i want to say that women have always felt the same about me, its for DAMN sure not true (understatement) and as a result of that, I feel like I have a certain mindstate whenever women find me, something I do, or something mC related(ie. my swag LOL) attractive.
and that is SHOCKK!
I'm always in a state of shock!

"they think i'm being cocky but i'm only being honest"

and I honestly look in the mirror and think to myself... 'hey, not a bad looking guy'
but its still like "...WORD!...IM SYCED!"
...when I find out that other people think the same, and by other people I mean women.

Is anybody else ever just shocked as sh*t when people find them attractive or does everyone really have this "I know i'm the sh*t, so why WOULDN'T people think i'm the illest [insert what you refer to yourself as] on the planet" attitude?
Maybe everyone puts on a good act and I've been fooled.
or maybe... not being the proverbial 'hot sh*t' when i was younger has led to me being messed up in the head a little bit.



Don't Even Answer that
just know...if you thought 'yes', or 'kinda'...or 'a little bit...'
I'm SHOCKED! SHOCKED @ the answer! lol

Peace and blessings

P.S. Purely F*ing Awesome!

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