Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Some things you might've missed

I was thinking about how retardedly dope this verse i wrote was
but then i was like..a young man/woman would have to be on some OTHER sh*t to catch everything I mean...
so I linked all the appropriate sources...
and yes I thought of all of this while constructing these bars...
and yes I do that its dope as sh*t...

Random 001
So far gone in the flow
Geronimo / Geronimo
rap with a warrior's Spirit
niggas just wanna know
if the legend lives up
the bars is living proof
but proof died
so the bars are living truth
I'm smoking / Smoking
like 'Fuck what Commercial / Commercial say'

so King so Wallace...I feel like i'm ColdPlay
so much of em doubted i'm feeling like old jay
but I gotta make it hot, I guess i'm Nicole Wray
guess if the code say I
gotta crossover like A.I.
I know I could if I was Wayne high / Wayne High
and with the verse I could probably take Game's spot
its all a game...hip-hop is gamespot
....so for the those who listening
I aint trynna be played by a sony system
played by a sony system
or better yet a bose...so they clearly hear the wisdom...



P.S. [wayne] Muthafucka i'm iilllll! [/wayne]

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